Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Few Good Sites..

I'm always on the look out for good craft websites or fun ideas for the kids to try out. While something like that down today I stumbled across quite a few blogs that are just loaded with great ideas. I've added their links in my sidebar, but I thought I'd highlight a few as well.

1. Think! -- this is an awesome blog that has a tv free activity listed weekly. The idea is to supply your child with a few things and let them come up with a solution. We've yet to actually participate in any of the challenges, but I suspect this winter we'll be digging through some of their archives! I've been watching this site for a while, and it's loaded with some really great ideas.

2. Kids Off The Couch -- I stumbled upon this one today, and it runs down the same theory as Think! When I say the same theory, I mean that the idea is to unplug a bit or get up and do something. It's loaded with a variety of things to do based on movies, books, holidays, etc. Their watercolor images are cool too!

3. Crafty Crow -- you've probably seen their button in my sidebar before. This is a collection type site. In other words the owner of the site collects hundreds of craft ideas from around the net and she posts their links on her blog. Seriously, she has LOTS of craft ideas over there and has recently started doing give-away and whatnots.

4. One Crafty Place -- I found this site today after following a Craft Crow link. Anyway, this site is also a compilation of crating ideas. Some are the same as CC and other's are totally different. I found several cute things there today that are now on my list of crafts to try. I'll also say that this site's crafts tend to be a bit more geared towards adults doing the craft, but either way it all works for me!

5. U Create -- yet another crafting site. This is most certainly a crafting site for adults! Still, there are some really gorgeous crafts over there to try out. I've bookmarked a few of those crafts to work on as well.

6. Kids Craft Blog -- this one doesn't have as many ideas on it, but we all have to start somewhere don't we? You'll find this one easier to navigate if you use their archives or their labels to search through past crafts.

7. Kids Biology -- this is a really fun science site. We stumbled on this one recently while looking up information on Toads. The boys had a blast playing around on it and learning information on a variety of topics (some of which seemed more like zoology then biology, but what do I know?) The point is, it's a great science resource!

8. Family Movie Night -- here's some really fun movie tickets (or these tickets!) and paper popcorn buckets/bowls from Family Fun. My kids love setting up the "movie room" as a theater and these just make their movie theater more "real".


Michele said...

Thanks for all the cool links! I am always looking for more fun ideas.
The movie tickets are great! I think I'll surprise the boys with these soon.

Julie said...

These are great, Kendra, thanks. I love the Think! blog.