Thursday, May 14, 2009

CurrClick Sale

If you haven't heard the news yet, CurrClick is having a sale. They've been giving away 4 freebies a day and will continue to do so until May 15th. That's not all (doesn't that sound like one of those infomercials?)
they also have hundreds of products on sale. I've been busy downloading far too many, printing them (my printer is about to go on strike), and putting them in folders.

They offer some great stuff, and just about everything they sell is downloadable which means no shipping charges. This is really awesome if you live overseas! Not sure where to start? Here's some of their great offers that we've taken advantage of:

Skip Counting Drill Sheets by Lilliput Station. The illustrations on the inside are just as charming as on the outside! There are over 50 pages of very awesome worksheets for the kids to wor
k on skip counting. This is needed big time around here, and I can't wait to use these. We're talking dot-to-dots, fill in the blanks, 100 charts with the right block shaded in, it's all there. This product is currently FREE!

The Daily Discovery Series is also on sale, at about 50% off! This is a really fun series of books that gives you a birthday, holidays, or just something fun to think about or do each day. In fact, the author has broken it down to give you something you could do in just about every subject for any given idea for the d
ay. Because the prices were so good, we stocked up on the May, June, July, & August, books. Which means the boys will be having lots of fun over the next few months, and chances are I'll stop forgetting to tell them about various American holidays! Not to mention celebrating things like donut day, ice cream day, & hamburger day..

Hands On History: Pony Express... This nifty little book was on special for $3.22, and will tie in very nicely with our upcoming study based on the book Mailing May. The boys were impressed to know
that only boys use to deliver the mail and they rode on horses to do it. I was reminded of the Pony Express report I wrote during my Young Riders craze, tell me someone else out there remembers that show.. No one in this house does.. Seriously, American History needs some serious explaining around here! This book comes loaded with lots of great historical information, pictures, and a few hands on crafts for the kids to try out too. Can't wait to dig in to this one next week!

Science Action Labs: Astronomy... $4.17 .. The idea struck Lawrence and I to study the stars with the kids this winter. We figured if it's going to get dark early, we
might as well give them something to look forward to about the dark. So when I stumbled upon this little book I was delighted! The illustrations are whimsical enough for both boys, and the book is loaded with great information, science experiments, hands on papers, and much more. I really can't wait to dig into this one. Morgan will love trying his hands at all the science experiments, as will Jayden. My only dislike about this book is that it does discuss horoscopes, and we're so not into that kinda nonsense. Oh well, we'll just skip that part.

I've been feeling the urge to break away some from our math curriculum. To use it as our guide but get Morgan doing some hands on math in more hands on ways. He understands the concepts, but he really has to apply th
em for it all to sink in. So I was really excited to see some fun math stuff on sale, as well as some math freebies:

Fall Math .. $3.97 .. (Note, that they have this book listed twice, but only ones seems to have the sale price!) takes math concepts for his age (addition, subtraction, time, graphing, etc.) and applies it in hands on ways that center around the current season. I picked up Fall and Winter because it's that time of year for us. They do have Spring, and we may get that one later down the road, but for now there's lots of great things to put into action in these two books. I think, that even Jayden will have lots of fun with these books! We'll start using these on Monday as well!

Mammoth Math addition & Subtraction up to 4 .. Free! All the rest of the Mammoth Math are on sale ranging in price from $2 something up to $7 something. We've gotten the Clock one before for free as well. I'm so-so on these, but I know many people really enjoy the Mammoth Math products. They are very workbook style, and I kinda like hands on stuff. All the same, they
won't go astray, the kids need the workbook pages for certain things as well!

Hands On History: Gold Rush $4.17 .. this is put out by the same company who puts out the Hands On History items. It took is loaded with some great information about the California &
Yukon Gold Rushes. Including life and times, recipes, and a few of the more famous gold diggers. It will tie in beautifully with the upcoming Gold Unit we'll be doing. The boys are very excited about that, and I'm excited to find a resource that was inexpensive to obtain!

Great Pioneer Projects You can Build Yourself $11.97 -- this was one of the smaller savings, but this book has been on my wishlist for a long while now. With our Pioneer and Gold units coming up within the next few weeks I knew this book wouldn't go astray! This book is 130 pages of awesome information and a variety of projects. It discusses a few great historians we'll be covering, including an author who's books we hope to be using. It has a timeline, lots of real pictures from the dates and times covered. Once this book is printed out (one of the few I haven't yet) I suspect I'll have to pry it out of the boys hands. They eat up anything that's non-fiction and with the awesome pictures and fun in this book I don't think this one will be any different!

CurrClick also offers live classes now, which I've noticed but never really looked into that much. However, a few of their classes offered by Professor H are currently on special. He offers a variety of classes, and we signed up for three of them:

Space Class ... $4.99.. This is a huge savings and considering all the amazing questions Morgan has had of late about space I thought this might be a really fun experience for him. We've yet to attend a "live" class, but we're looking forward to it. The neat thing about these classes is that you pay one price and the whole family can join in, plus it's a simple video you go and watch and then "do". This particular class has a long list of things they'll be learning and doing with the option to share your projects with other class members.

Mr Poppers Penguins -- $6.99 .. If you want to join this class I urge you to do so while it's on special! It's a big savings, considering this class is normally $30 to join! This class starts June 1st, and the child will get to make a notebooking project based on the book as well as the polar animals and other information they'll be learning about. Lawrence and I are equally excited about this one because we both really love this book. I suspect this will become one of the boys favorites as well, especially Jayden who loves penguins, but will get all the great humor in the book!

Nim's Island .. $6.99 -- Again, this is a huge savings because this class also normally runs about $30. This book was read as a bedtime read aloud while Daddy was on the mainland. We LOVED the book, it's a very awesome book filled with fun and so much great information. I suspect we'll all really enjoy this class.

Better not wait too long though, the sales and freebies end after May 15th! You should be able to access the Sales and Freebies right from the front page if you want to scan through and see what other goodies are up for grabs.

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