Sunday, May 10, 2009

Art Study: Rodin

We did an Artist Study on Friday afternoon and the boys learned about Auguste Rodin. They learned that he used rock and carved away at it, and that to submit models he often used clay to show what he'd do with rock in the end. So then I gave them so play-doh and a "carving" tool and set the to work. I'm not entirely sure they got the idea of carving, but they had fun and are very intrigued by The Man With A Broken Nose. (aka The Roman..)

Jayden got into the carving too, and was going to carve an apple, but he decided in the end that the stem and leaf would be too much work, so he opted to try Peter Rabbit instead..



Jayden made a few other pieces, but promptly destroyed them to "start again" because he was having so much fun. He was also highly insulted that I was going to fill out this Artist Form with the information he dictated to me. So, he filled some of it out himself.

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