Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Telling Time

There's a tradition running through both sides of our families. Tradition one comes from my family and is that we couldn't own a watch until we could tell time on an analog clock. Tradition two comes from Lawrence's family and was that a child was given a watch at ten years of age.
It dawned on me, while messing with a learning clock in the schoolroom, that Morgan is very apt at telling time based on Half and Whole hours. But, he's not learned much more then that yet. He also needs ALL the practice he can get counting by 5's because they seem to throw him for a loop. Enter a watch.
I thought having a watch would help him. He'd need to count by 5's to use it properly. It would help increase his ability to learn to tell time before he hit it in his new math book. He's really good with fractions (what he knows of them) and this would also give him a hands on approach to learning them.

Our plan, after much discussion of not squashing tradition two, was to buy him a very kiddie watch. Something simple but childlike that would help him learn to tell time. Once he could use that very effectively he'd get the time honored tradition of a "grown up" watch at the age of ten. (Which he's informed us is only two birthdays away, I promptly passed out on the floor.)

We had intended to get him the Timex Learning Watch for Christmas. Except, there was a tiny catch. I couldn't find it in Tassie. I couldn't find it online in Australia! We decided to order it from America in time for his birthday, but Amazon decided to be finicky about it. Did you know there are certain things an overseas client can not purchase from them?

So far I can't purchase BPA free waterbottles and have them shipped to Tassie. Nor will they ship me hole punches or binding machines (non electric) or the watch I wanted. Apparently they are worried I may squirt the mailman in the face with my water, while I pierce his ears with my nifty hole punch, followed off by binding all the mail into one big book, and then proceeding to tell him time. Makes no sense right?

So, Morgan's birthday came and went and he didn't get a watch, after all I'm not in the habit of harming our mailman, getting run over by him.. yes. I know, also weird, but that's what happens in a country where mailmen ride on dirt bikes and claim they are motorcycles. Need I say more, except perhaps that they drive them on sidewalks..

The point is, I wanted that watch to help Morgan with his efforts to tell time! Morgan learns best in a hands on approach, and the only company willing to ship to me wasn't one I was familiar with. I ended up getting ours from Walgreens (online) and had it diverted through an American address.

The watch has been a total hit. We've been told the time every half hour and hour for three straight days now. We've also been asked what time it is and had many counting by 5 lessons. Discussion on being able to say "quarter to", "half past", "ten to", etc.

Yup, I went with tractors/vehicles. You can get girlie ones, space theme, army themed, bug themed, etc. The watch is very cool! The band is material and SUPER tight elastic that can be adjusted. (In typical Morgan style it's very tiny right now.) The face is plastic vs glass. It's tiny but the 5's are on there as well as the 1's. Plus, I love how it has different colored hands for minute and hour and how it has half the face one color, and the other half another color to remind of him of past and to. Jayden's all ready counting down until he can have one!


Michele said...

Oh you must stop! I am laughing so hard thinking of you accosting the mailman! My kids think I am crazy.

Seriously, that is a cool watch. You mentioned there was a space themed watch? I cannot find it. Could you point me to it. I have a space junkie here that may enjoy a watch like that! :)

Kendra said...

Hi Michele,

I've changed a link in there to show the ones Amazon has, but they are no longer showing the space one. I could have sworn when I saw them originally (which was a year or so ago) that they had a space one with planets on the band and a space rocket for the second hand. All I can find space wise now is this one: Space Watch & Same One On Ebay. I remember the space one because I considered getting it for my gang, but ended up with vehicles because they both loved them. Anyway, that space one is still a kids watch, it has the 5's on it, and the hour and minute hand are different colors, but it doesn't have past and to on it.

Oh, but here's a bit of info for you. If you buy a Timex watch brand new, you get a kids warranty with it. Which means if your child loses the watch within a year of purchase date Timex will replace it for a mere $10.

Michele said...

Thanks Kendra! I am glad to know I am not crazy. I was searching and searching for that space watch.
Off to check out the other one!