Saturday, April 4, 2009

Soccer Season Has Begun

Soccer season is underway once again in our home. (We've been on a 2.5 year hiatus with soccer, as the age limits were very different here in Tasmania then what we were use to in TN.) Morgan started playing soccer when he was 3 in America at our local YMCA. He had an outstanding coach, and we worried about finding a coach who was patient enough to teach the kids while concentrating on them having fun instead of winning. At long last, not only have we rejoined the soccer world, kissing our Saturday mornings of leisure good-bye, we've also found a coach(s) who is willing to teach the kids, but truly concentrate on them having fun. Morgan is delighted, once he got over wondering if we were joking. His first game was this morning, and he had quite a large amount of playing time. He was pleased with himself. Oddly enough he wasn't half as aggressive as he is with his little brother when they play soccer. Perhaps the fact that he's playing with other children who literally tower over him has something do with it? He has pretty much always been the smallest one on any team he's been on, and this year is no different. He's also the youngest.

He was equally delighted to meet a child on the opposing team who was just as short as he was. Funny thing is, the other kid was just as surprised. They stopped and looked at each other (see picture above), and the other little boy (in red) said, "Oh! Hi, what do you want to do?" Morgan, even willing to make a friend looked at him and said, "I dunno, what do you want to do?" Never mind they were in the middle of a soccer game. A matter of minutes later Lawrence commented that Morgan was picking up feathers "or something" off the playing field. Yup, soccer season is most certainly under way around here..

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