Thursday, April 23, 2009

Presidential Unit Study

One of the things on the table this year was to start teaching the boys about a variety of famous people. While this seems simple enough, we wanted to give them a good mix of both American and Australian historical figures. It seemed like a good idea to start with the most obvious, which led us to Presidents & Prime Ministers. Both of which are historical figures Morgan is overly interested in.

While looking on our bookcase for a few books on Presidents I stumbled upon Arthur Meets The President, and decided to come up with a few quick ideas for using the book to introduce presidents.
We won't be using this book to study all 44 US presidents, but rather to learn about Washington D.C., and to introduce presidents to the boys.
Morgan all ready knows what a president does, and will dutifully tell anyone who asks that a President rules over the land, as does a Prime minister, King, Queen, and sometimes other people, but God rules the universe. He's quick on his toes, don'tcha think?

The entire unit study came together reasonably quickly, and I ended up getting very carried away in what I was doing and making a lapbook, and notebooking pages for all 44 US presidents. The boys have been oogling over all of it in their anticipation to dig in. As for me, I decided to share all my hard work here for anyone else who wants to have a fun week introducing presidents. I'll even provide links to the nifty President notebooking pages.

One thing to keep in mind is that the study was made for what I'll be doing with my kids, so you might have to change it to fit your needs. I made up lapbook bits and pieces for what we'll be covering. I also tucked in lots, and lots, and lots (seriously lots) of Additional Resources that I've gathered up. Like, a White House paper craft, Presidential Cookie Blog, and links to president crafts.

I'm also providing links to the President notebooking pages. I made the picture of the president a coloring sheet with his terms of office and name on the front. On the reverse side I left lots of room for the boys to gather their notes about each president. I don't expect at this stage of the game they'll gather too much, but you never know. Often times it's getting them to stop giving me information that's harder then getting them to give it to me. Seriously.

Anyway, here's the links for anyone interested:

Arthur Lapbook (not sure how quick this will load)

President Notebooking Pages:
(These are all big files so they may take a bit of time to download)
Clinton - Obama (2 optional covers, and extra "info" pages)


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Laurie said...

These are great! Just enough to jumpstart their gears. LOL
Thank you.
Laurie, homeschooling mom of 5