Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Harry Potter School Plans..

We're still plucking away at our unit study. Due to a horrible cold that wiped me out for a couple of days we're "behind" where we anticipated being, but the boys don't seem to mind. All though they are not as fond of me only doing a chapter at a time. (We're listening to it via an audio done by Jim Dale.) Aside from that they're still enjoying themselves. When we're done I'll refine my notes, and put them up for sharing, but for now you'd have to sort out my notes from my doodles!

Anyway, this week we'll be doing:

  • Averaging -- we'll be polling some uncles and grandpas to find out the average height of six men. From there we'll do some fancy math (and learn how to use a calculator) to find out the height of Hagrid. We'll draw him in chalk on the driveway, and draw the boys next to him so they can see just how big he was suppose to be.
  • Are You Knuts -- game to convert knuts and sickles into galleons. I'd like to actually make some clay coins, but my time is limited, so I might set some clay out for the boys this weekend or something.. Anyway, the game was one I found where the boys can practice addition, counting by 5's, and the likes.
  • Learn snowy owls, toads vs frogs, rats, tarantulas (brief mention), boar hounds, & possibly bats. We'll also fill out a notebooking page for each (I made a variety of notebooking pages up for our study..)
  • Make up a magic menu of things they might see up for eating at the Leaky Cauldron. This is mostly a "just for fun", but I'm sure they'll put thought into pricing!
  • Learning about Australia's Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd, just so ya know), and we'll discuss presidency, Queens, Kings, and other rulers.
  • Learn the difference between stalagmites and stalactites -- we had the option to go caving, but I turned it down. I'm not so sure Jayden would have enjoyed it and it was quite the drive out. Maybe another time..
  • Review months of year, when summer starts (northern and southern hemisphere), holidays in September, November, & December.
  • Estimating with Jelly Beans (thankfully I can get some sugar-free... I might even have an old Bertie Botts bag I can stuff them in.. they'll never know!), fractions, multiplying & dividing (this is a new concept..), and another averaging project.
  • Star gazing (we'll also discuss how we'll see different constellations vs what other's can see. We're also looking into a telescope for this and as an on going winter fun "thing".) I'm also going to let them color and glitterfy stars to hang from our dinning room ceiling.. We'll also review planets and possibly notebook their favorite one.
  • Herbology -- we'll be studying a variety of herbs (mentioned in the book, and growing in our yard and Nana's) we'll also keep a notebooking going for them. I've picked up a terrific book from our library and found an amazing web page as well..
  • They'll "transfigure" a needle into a compass, and then go use it (hopefully without stabbing each other!)
  • We'll come up with some funny passwords (just for fun) and see how well they are at remembering them to get into one room of the house. They'll find this highly amusing because I'm pretty sure I'll forget them by bedtime..
  • Lots of time telling (quarter after, half past, specific times) and determining how long a century is
  • First Aid -- what to do if you think someone has broken a bone, etc.
  • Latin -- most of the "spells" in the book are simple latin words that mean what the person is attempting to do. Daddy has a Latin dictionary and we'll use it (or an online source) to decipher the words.
  • Look up info on Greece/Greek, Sahara Desert, and Romania. We will most likely fill out a notebooking paper for all of these as well..
  • Mini Christmas celebration -- just a fun party type celebration with some crackers/bon-bons (the boys love making these and I thought they'd have a good chuckle to find larger items in them)
  • Play Chess -- Morgan will especially love this. He loves playing chess and it will give him a good opportunity to drag his chess set out. Jayden is eager to learn so it'll be fun for him as well.
  • Lots of discussions about obedience, choosing a good friend, bullies, etc
  • Variety of crafts/recipes -- the boys are looking forward to making a magic wand, and the instructions only use paper, glue and paint. We'll see how it goes.
I'm doubtful that we'll finish it this week, but we shall see. I was hoping to have finished it so when we get done with our week off (next week) we'd be moving on to a Pioneer or President study. However, we're having plenty of fun and learning lots and that's the important part. Stay tuned for some pictures of their Averaging Hagrid's Height project. They had a load of fun with this one! Oh yeah, and we'll see if we can round up some cousins for a fun game of Quidditch!

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