Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Harry Potter Fun

We decided to decorate our dinning room ceiling with stars as the Hogwarts Great Hall is. I printed out a variety of different sized stars on paper and covered them with a glue stick. Morgan shook on lots and lots of glitter. Then we ran them through the hot laminator and cut them out. We used invisible thread and tape to hang them up. It too a while to cut them all out, and I had to stick a couple back through the laminator due to excess sparkle keeping the laminate from fully sealing. Either way, it was a quick craft and Morgan really enjoyed it. The picture doesn't do it enough justice, but the ceiling really does look fun. We decided afterwards it would have been really fun to spray them with the glow in the dark "stuff". All though I think we could obtain the same effect by using one of the nifty black bulb "thingies". Notice my fancy technical terms? Doesn't it just make you want to quote me?

Morgan is especially fond of this star because it's super shiny and gold. It's also bent and crooked because upon getting "relaminated" on it's own one edge got jammed in the laminator. He didn't care, he wanted it hung right over his chair so he could see it. Small pleasures.

We also tried some Yorkshire Pudding. We actually asked Nana if she'd be willing to make us some, because we knew she'd made it in the past. She willingly agreed and Morgan helped mix it up, while I was taught the "secret" to making really good Yorkshire Pudding.

After mixing it up, Morgan had to wait on the roast beef to finish cooking, one of the ingredients to yorkshire pudding is the fat or meat drippings (because that just sounds way better then saying, hey let's add cow fat to the yorkshire pudding, doesn't it?) is a key ingredient. Once the beef was done Nana used the beef drippings while Morgan surveyed and ooed and ahhed over a few of her pans. Seriously, Small Pleasures for him.

After cooling they sink a bit, but they were still just as tasty. The boys weren't as equally impressed with them. That may, or may not, have had something to do with the fact that they were eagerly waiting for Nana to hunt down her hidden Easter Chocolate, but...

Pardon, the hideous photo, but Jayden opted for a turn with Daddy's big camera while Morgan was busy baking with Nana. Daddy was obliging to sit for a nice photo and had no idea I'd stuck my head in while making a horrible face. Not even Jayden's giggles gave it away, Daddy simply presumed Jayden was giggling because it's just what Jayden does. So when Daddy flipped the camera around to check out the photo he was in for a nice big surprise, which is nothing to say of my surprise... that's one freaky thing happening there with my eyes!

Here's the recipe used for the pudding. Yes, seriously. And I was told the trick to really good yorkshire pudding is getting the muffin tin (she used a muffin tin) REALLY hot before putting the batter in it. Some topped theirs with gravy, others ate them plain.


Andrea said...

My 10 yr old is SO jealous that you guys are doing Harry Potter for school! Such fun ideas!

Kendra said...

We have one more week to go to wrap up with! Mostly crafts, and lots of hands on stuff. Mine is eager to break into some science experiments, so we have a couple lined up. :) lol I'm thinking when we're done I'll edit my plans and post them up for grabs! :D