Thursday, April 16, 2009

Busy, Busy..

We've undergone a new facelift here at the Pumpkin Patch. Our old look went kapoot for a variety of reasons that are all completely unexplainable! Seriously! So, we've got a nice fresh new look, which is quite snazzy, don't you agree?

All is well here, we've celebrated another birthday this week, and are looking forward to a small pizza party tomorrow. We've got lots of pictures of the birthday, including the birthday pie. Yes, I said pie not cake. When I post pictures I'll explain. It was a very yummy pie too, and the birthday man was very delighted with it.

The boys are fully enjoying their week off, and it's coming to an end far too quickly. Still many unfinished things to hopefully accomplish this week. We shall see, we shall see. The boys are holding out for a visit with cousins, and perhaps a trip to Jungle Gyms.

We've survived a wicked set of storms this week that reminded us of Spring in middle TN. I'm talking major lightning, thunder, and hail. Morgan promptly announced the arrival of hail by standing in the middle of our bedroom, covering his ears and screaming as though his pants were on fire. Weird thing was, I was standing right there looking out the window. Amazingly enough he didn't wake up our house guest..

Soccer practice wasn't canceled, despite the rain. Thankfully it only sprinkled once during the entire hour. Morgan's improving by leaps and bounds by being back out on the field. He impressed his coach with his knowledge of the game this week as he had a one-on-one practice because the rest of the kids were busy with other soccer related "things".

He's spent the past 24 hours informing Jayden of all things soccer. From goalies to forwards and everything else in between. Oddly enough Jayden was willing to sit through the entire speel twice before pointing out he was now "bored and needed to do something fun."

Hopefully I'll have pictures to post tomorrow.

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