Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's been a quiet week here on the homestead. We took a second week off school while we awaited the arrival of a package. It's also given us time to do a few things we were to rushed to take time for last week. The boys have played just about every game we own.
Morgan is very intent to teach Jayden how to play backgammon, but I'm not sure Jayden is as intent to learn. They attempted to play while Daddy was out for a run on Sunday and I found them counting out 64 spaces, which they reversed to 46. Crazy thing is I was of no help at all to them because I've no idea how to play the game either. It kept them busy though, and they enjoyed themselves. Morgan has been intent to learn to play backgammon for so long that when we found a kids version two Christmases ago we snatched it up and surprised him with it.
He now plays it regularly, as well as the adult version, the bugcafe version, and any other version he can get his hands on.

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Michele said...

This is a game we own but do not know how to play. It is on my list to learn! :)