Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Really Cool Sites!

Are you into photography? That picture to the left was actually taking with a digital camera! Wanna know how to do it? Check it out here. My husband is a photographer (amongst other things), and I've been telling him for ages he should start posting more pictures that he takes. He finally decided to start his own blog, but he doesn't think anyone will visit. You must help prove him wrong by stopping in! Think of all the great benefits. You'll see some AWESOME photography, learn how to replicate some of the photos for yourself, and you might even get to see some cool Aussie wildlife and scenery. How can you go wrong? You never know what kind of photo might turn up over there either.
We've all been subjected to being models for various photography assignments he's had in the past. My fruit has been subjected to photo assignments, knickknacks, and lots, and lots of flowers. We have all been known to run and hide when he pulls out the camera for fear of being subject to hours of perfecting a photo take. And he has an entire file full of "funny faces" that he swears he's turning into a video soon. We won't complain though, because each and every one of our memories is recorded in a photo. I've always said that if the house was on fire I'd grab the photos the first.. You think he took me 100% seriously? Anyway, you have to hop on over and check it out! But, wait, there's more! (No, I swear this isn't an infomercial!!)

I know, this is completely shameless advertising... What can I say?

My husband is also the creator, ceo, president, etc, etc, of a terrific site called Bug Cafe. May I just say that in all the years he's been running the site I've gotten some amazingly funny comments from the postmen and women I've met who have delivered packages, letters, and other things that devoted fans have sent. My favorite was the postwomen who took a long look at the box, looked at me and said, "Is that a real cafe? I mean, you didn't really name your cafe Bug Cafe did you?" I had to reassure her that we weren't serving food, yet.. and we don't, really.

Bug Cafe is the results of countless hours of hard work in creating a site where people can play traditional (or to some "old fashioned") board games online with friends, family, or if you're brave enough complete strangers. I'm talking games like backgammon, Othello, Yahtzee Parcheesi, Battleship, word games (like scrabble), and more.

It started many years ago when a site we and some friends played word games at closed down. My husband, ever the designer, decided he could make something similar up for us to play with instead. I nodded to him, smiled, and went back to cooking dinner. For days I got updates and comments on how it was coming along. I nodded, smiled, and went back to cooking in some fashion or other. Then we finally got to use it. We had fun. He truly made it for a handful of friends and family.

One day I woke up stumbling across toys and trying to make my way blindly to the kitchen when I was greeted with, "Wow Honey, you have to check out how many people are playing here!" May I just say I am NOT a morning person. I wake up (now) before my family so that I'm cheery when they wake up. My feet do not hit the floor running (despite popular belief). I find people who are cheery in the morning annoying. I like to think of whacking them with the pot of coffee I don't drink, or locking them out of the house until I've woken up. However, I nodded, smiled, and made breakfast. This happened on a regular basis, until the morning he greeted me with a number that required a few commas in it. I didn't need any oj that morning to be wide awake!

So, if you're into old fashioned board games go check it out! You can always play for free (all though some access is limited), and if you and your friends or family have email addresses they can play too! And just think, if you're reading this and you know me, people over on Bug Cafe will think you're really cool because you know MrsBug. Seriously.

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