Saturday, April 25, 2009

ANZAC Day: Lest We Forget

Today is ANZAC Day, and while we didn't rise for any sunrise remembrance services we'll remember. Perhaps not as painfully as those who attended a service, or those who remember the ones they lost today, but we'll remember in our own way. It may be a small miracle in itself that there's no rain falling today, because in the two previous ANZAC Days since I've been here it has. Each year I've watched as retired soldiers, dressed in their olive green uniforms, troop back home in the miserable mass of rain and fog that engulfs the day. There's usually barely any light to lead them home, and it's always left with me a feeling that the Australians and New Zealanders aren't the only ones crying as they remember. So, today, to all the brave Australian Soldiers who bravely guard the borders, and carry out the duties that give the Australians their rights and freedoms, we say, "Thank you, we haven't forgotten you're there or the daily sacrifices you make."


Devashish Rao said...

Nice blog and info ! where do U live ?

Kendra said...

Australia. ;) Tasmania to be more specific. ;)