Saturday, March 14, 2009

Upcoming School Plans

Now that most of the mice seem to have been evicted from our home, we're keeping a running tally, but I won't freak you out with it, we're moving on to a fresh new week of school. Normally this coming week would be our week off, but we swapped things around for a variety of reasons. Anyway, the kids are super excited to be getting back to school, I know I have weird kids.
However, in all fairness we'll be implementing a new system this week so they are also very excited about that as well. I'll post about that later, when I have pictures to share, you know real pictures not nutty mouse pictures and such...
In the mean time here's a quick plan of our upcoming month of school. We'll end up with four weeks on before our next week off, which is a bit longer then normal for us, instead of three weeks on one week off. I don't think the boys will mind one little bit though.

Week One:
  • Owl Moon
  • owls
  • moon (a variety of science experiments from The Mailbox books)
  • smilies
  • drawing what we know
  • various owl crafts
  • possible owling
This is a book we had hoped to do last October when we went on our annual family camping trip. While we did do a couple of owl crafts, read about owls, and even went looking for owl pellets, we never really rowed the book. We're looking forward to it. I'm not sure if we'll get the opportunity to go out owling, we've heard kookaburras but not owls in our neck of the woods. So, we may only do a "staged indoor" owling trip, and save the real one for this years camping trip. We shall see..

Week 2 & 3:

  • Harry Potter 
  • owls (specific kinds)
  • frogs/toads
  • herbs (identify and uses)
  • letter writing
  • mapping (a bit of a review, so we'll probably work on mapping our neighborhood)
  • family tree
  • England
  • addressing letters (home address.. a review for one)
  • estimating
  • variety of science experiments
I haven't fully finished planning this unit out, but I need to get cracking with it as we'll be starting it a week from Monday. For some reason Morgan became quite taken with Harry Potter. I've always found some interesting Biblical similarities I'll enjoy sharing with Morgan. Not everything we do will be coming from my own planning, I'll also be using A Guide For Using Harry Potter In The Classroom. This is a unit study Morgan has requested, and considering the jumping points of learning I thought it would be fun. We will only be using book 1, and I'm estimating it will take us about 2 weeks to accomplish what I've planned. We shall see..

Week 4:

I wanted to start studying one president a month. I thought a great kick-off to our start would be an Arthur book I've been kicking around for a while. If my memory serves me right there's another DW & Arthur book where they visit the white house and DW runs into the president, we may use that as well. Needless to say we'll start with George Washington and move onward as we go.

We also have a couple of upcoming field trips, which aren't necessarily tuned into our studies, but the kids will enjoy them all the same. They are excited to be visiting a local firehouse in the upcoming weeks. This is something they've wanted to do for a while. They want to compare and see if the Australian fire dept. are the same as the American ones. I suspect the firemen will get a LOT of questions coming from a certain 8 year old.

We're also hoping to hit that apple orchard soon to tie in with our apple lessons from last week. We'll probably go to a park day in the upcoming weeks as well. Oh, and the boys are super excited that Daddy is going to start teaching them how to play piano. That should be quite interesting.. I may need to have a turn with Gram-Gram's magic earmuffs..

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