Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tea Party

My kids are strange, I'll admit it. Yet, the idea of a tea party sounded fun, and after reading how some homeschoolers use it as a time to discuss the weeks topics (previously learned), new things (particularly famous people), or read poetry, I thought perhaps I could combine what my kids wanted with something I've been wanting to do with them. Now, call me sentimental and silly, but I recall being read to from the book, Cheerio's Book Of Days (only Mom's is orange!) daily when I was homeschooled. In fact, I also recall falling in love with many of the poems. The book is now out of print, but I figured I could easily pick some books up from the library to read to the boys.
The idea was also to give the boys something really fun to look forward to while Daddy was basking away on the mainland. Only, due to many unforseen (and unwanted) events it never happened! Morgan didn't fail to point this out to me.
In fact, to be quite honest he never fails to point out the things we were going to do and didn't get to. Not more then ten minutes ago he came in the kitchen with jammies on grumbling about how I'd mentioned a bath and he didn't get one. To which I had to point out the dishwasher was running, for the umpteenth time today (don't ask..), and he'd end up with a cold bath which would make him grumpy. Anyway, back to the tea party..

Funny thing is we made a special trip to the local City Mission to see if they had a cheap teapot (the kids were quick to point out I only have an electric kettle not a teapot) and a few fun teacups. I also am strange, and thus like the rustic whimsical look of mismatched teacups. Therefore, I had no qualms about buying a variety of teacups. Something silly, but complete with saucers. (Ever since we learned about Italy with the book Papa Piccolo, Morgan's had a real thing about saucers..)

Much to my amazement the shop had a set of 8 mini teacups with saucers adorned with sunflowers. I'm a big sunflower freak. Seriously. I love them. Needless to say I scooped up the cups (and saucers) and was even more excited to see the whole set was $4.00. That, by my normal standards, would have been a lot, but since they had sunflowers on them, we let them off the hook. We ended up purchasing a teapot (the one pictures above) as well for $2.00. 

We never had our teaparty while Daddy was gone. I even went to the library to check out a book about an artist named Rodin. Which we have a lesson to follow in our Famous Artist books which involves clay and carving. All of which I knew the kids would love. Yet, we just never got to it.

When Daddy returned Morgan pointed out that we'd never had our tea party and now Daddy was back. I told him not to worry Daddy could join in. Morgan rolled with laughter. I'm not talking a giggle or a smirk, I'm talking hysteria. He was completely overcome with laughter. I asked what was so funny, his reply was:

"Tea parties are for girls and Daddy was a boy. It's going to be VERY funny to have Daddy at our tea party."

I stood there for a minute debating pointing out that he, too, was a boy. I mean, common sense may say to laugh right along with him, which I was doing. Truly I was. It wasn't the onion I was chopping that caused those tears on my face! However, I couldn't resist pointing out the obvious no matter how hard I tried. So I broke the news gently to him, or as gently as I could.

"You're a boy too."
"I know, this tea party is going to be so stinking funny!"

Then he ran off to play. I quickly pulled out my planned and scratched off a few things from my to-do list. You know, like petite fours and cucumber sandwiches without crusts. I also removed lay out table cloth and paper doilies. You can totally forget making that "cute as a button" pink purse cake I've been itching to make for a good 7 years now. 

Funny thing is, another week passed us by and we never had our tea party. We woke up Sunday freezing cold and walking around in a dazed stupor from lack of sleep and the reality the fall really had embarked upon us. When it hits me, I can have an impromptu tea party!

I pulled out the hot chocolate pan (yes I have one, but it's also used for just about everything else I make since it's the only pot that can hold more then two cups of liquids!) and made our yummy hot chocolate. I carefully poured it into the silly teapot and then pulled out the even sillier cups. I completely scraped anything fancy to eat (we'd all ready had breakfast) and you can just erase the thought of a tablecloth or napkins from your mind. 

The boys were so excited when they realized what was going on that they actually sat down and were completely silent. I seriously thought they'd gone outside or something! We poured mini cups of hot cocoa around and I was impressed to see that the only silliness was who could hold their pinky the straightest and the funny chocolate mustaches that they were sporting.

So there we sat at the kitchen table laughing about how silly we were. All though I did draw the line when someone attempted to crawl across the table for more hot cocoa. I pointed out that if the Queen was in town, or even the President, they'd be appalled by such table manners and never ever invite us to their house for dinner. The boys giggled, but refrained. Morgan presumed this would be acceptable behavior in the sight of Australia's Prime minister.

I must apologize to Mr. Rudd, should he ever happen upon our home in dire need of a cup of tea (heaven forbid! My children would be quick to point out I don't drink tea..) or an afternoon tea (which would include a snack) and thus my children would more then likely expect him to climb across the table in order to reach the coveted graham crackers. May we pray he brings his own sausage rolls!

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