Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Owl Moon

Last week we did a unit study based on the book Owl Moon. The kids were really excited by this, and we had a very enjoyable week despite dental appointments and a few other minor interruptions. Like their owl masks? I had to air those black circles (foam) out for a day before I'd let them wear them. Do you have any idea how much that stuff stinks when it comes out of a sealed package? We did a few extra owl projects this week as well, but the kids didn't seem to care. They were really gung-ho for our owl week. Which is good, because owls tie into our studies this week too.

The boys enjoyed making a book about owls, and in true style and form, Jayden added grossness to his, which Morgan opted to carry on with as well. Jayden isn't a big huge fan of coloring unless it REALLY hits him. By the time we were putting together the last book for his lapbook, he was worn out and ready to be done. He kept at it like a real trooper though, and since the book was suppose to be colored, I thought he'd enjoy using glitter instead.

Now, if you know Jayden, and especially the incident involving his homemade Christmas ornaments for the FIAR swap, you'll understand just how brave of a move this was. Plus, remember those Christmas angels he made? I cleaned up glitter for a month. However, I figured with shaker tops on I was probably safe.

I showed him to just scribble some glue on with his glue stick and shake the glitter on his paper. He thought this was a great idea, and then it happened.. I left him to it while I cut out a burrowing owl for Morgan.

I turn back and he's got the red glitter in hand.. "Jayden, why red glitter?" "It's the blood Mom. It's the blood. You might not want to look, I know you don't like mice." Check it out:

Yes, that's red glitter over the gray glitter..

Here's some grasshoppers with "blood".. he's such a boy!

Yup, they enjoyed their owl week, they had a lot of giggles reading the book Owl See How They Grow, which included some AMAZING photos of an owl from egg to 5 months. It came with free stickers, which they each used to adorn their lapbooks with.


Michele said...

What fun! I love the glitter "blood"!

puredisco76 said...

I missed where you got the owl printables. Care to share?

Kendra said...

The Mailbox Science books. :)