Saturday, March 21, 2009

Orienteering Pictures

At long last I've finally got the orienteering photos to share. These are the supplies we had to find all our check-points. The map was provided by the orienteering of Tasmania women who put on the entire field trip. She also gave us the white paper with the grid on it. The grid is what we used to tick off each station as we came to it. Each station gave us a unique punch on our paper. Oddly enough there are only so many combinations they can come up with, so there were a couple of repeats. The compass was ours, we weren't sure if we'd need it. The map was marked with north, she instructed all children that the sun in Tasmania is always north so as long as they aligned N with the sun they wouldn't need any compasses. We didn't end up using ours because the boys could locate north without it, and when the sun went behind the clouds they used Jayden's incredible sense of direction to locate the sea and off we went again. (Seriously Jayden's sense of direction is amazing. From the time he was able to speak he knew where we were going by which direction we pulled out of the drive. When we informed him we were going one place, but didn't mention a detour along the way he'd be in tears insisting we were going the very wrong way. No one needs a compass as long as they've got a Jayden, and look at the bright side he can crack some jokes for you too!)

Yes, seriously this sign is there across a stretch of path that runs between two waterways. Unfortunately for the Arboretum these signs are often stolen. In our previous visits (we use to live three minutes away) we've spotted several of these little fellows. However, when we were orienteering we left platy spotting up to others and concentrated on check-points instead.

While searching for check-point #10 Jayden found this look-out and was still long enough for a photo. There was truly only room for one at a time where he stood, and we were quite curious as to what he saw on the other side of the cliff.

Then we saw.. He was a bit worried we'd make him climb that monstrosity. When I assured him we weren't he was slightly disappointed. He was certain he could do it since he did climb Mt. Roland.

Off to the other side we could see the water back there in the background. It was really quite serene and quiet back in where we were. However, the kids were a pinch on edge, this is back in the area where the Tiger Snake had been spotted.

Morgan checking that we've hit all check-points before we turn in the map. Don't ask me why he was holding everyone else's stuff, and yes he's wearing my sweatshirt. We'd stopped for lunch and he'd forgotten it was chillier in the wooded area.

We tried to peek and see if a wallaby, gray roo, or wombat lived inside, but considering we were on the lookout. There were a couple more of these caves, one was marked stay-out and in very long grass so no photos or anything, but this one we walked right by.

Jayden checking the map to see where we needed to go. He did an amazingly good job, as did Morgan. I truly only had to persuade them to change paths twice.

Check out the size of the Gum Tree. Morgan was not even halfway up the thing. he wanted a photo for Daddy since Daddy wasn't with us..

This is what a check-point looks like. The orange piece at the top can have a slip of paper slid between it for stamping/poking. The letters on the top should correspond with your map so you know which check-point you're at. For the record that's check-point 11. Some of these were easier to spot then others, but the kids did an excellent job using the map to find them.

You may have to click on the picture read this better, but it's Morgan's check-list to show he got all but one stamp. He was really happy with the job he'd done, but a little bummed he didn't find 10. The Orienteering lady was blown away by how well he'd done, which made Morgan's day!

We wrapped up the day by calling Daddy while he was on the mainland to tell him all about the fun we had and how easy it was to read the map, and promised to show him pictures when he got home!

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