Sunday, March 29, 2009

Menu Planning

It was menu planning time around here again, and my gang can be a tiny bit boring about their food. They find comfort in eating many of the same dishes. This means that often times we have one or two new meals with lots of regulars rotated around. I usually have one week to prepare the menu, do the shopping, and get it all in the freezer. Sounds simple, I know. Only, in that week I have to make a months worth of school plans, make library runs, and find time to catch my breath before we jump into another three weeks of school. My plan has always been to print them out and just grab one of three or four menus, which is what we do, but I tend to copy it over by hand on another boring blank piece of paper. I went hunting for some menu planning sheets, which are out there, but they were pretty boring too. I rather like color and country and all that hoopla so I was hoping for something a bit more exciting. I wasn't that lucky.

I decided to make my own using some fun graphics from over at PcCrafter. (They sell some amazing graphics over there! My wish list is usually pretty full of great little things. Keep an eye out for "Free Project Ideas" over there as well.) I also used Creating Keepsake's Scrapbooking program to make them. (Which, despite the bad reviews at Amazon is very easy to use, and the only downside to it would be that you have to run it in Windows..)

Here are the results:

Menu 1, you can print the pdf form here if you want.

yes I know mine at the top all ready filled out says 1 even though I used 2..
Menu 2, You can print a copy here if you want.

Menu Plan 3, you can print it here if you want.

Yes, I'm crazy, but I'm quite happy with our menu now hanging on the fridge. I won't bother trying to hide it with the kids art work anymore... Quick note, it's a rather large PDF file to open, so it may take a minute. The same link works for all 3 menu plans.


carriejoy said...

Those turned out beautifully Kendra! I didn't realize that you schooled for 3 weeks and took a week 'off'...I think that may be worth doing here. I like the idea of an entire prep week for meals AND school. Love your ideas and that you share!

Kendra said...

Carrie, it works really well for us and we're able to take off a week around someone's birthday or a major holiday, things like that. It also helps me stay sane and not get burnt out as quickly. Plus, because we school three weeks on one week off the kids retain more instead of having a big gap in the summer.

Amber said...

These are really great! Thank you for sharing!

Michele said...

I love the menu planners! Thanks! I am using magnetic ones I found at our dollar store but when those run out I'll be needing something.

On the topic of three weeks on and one week off, what do your kids do the week they are not doing school?
I have considered doing this, but I don't want them in front of the tv all the time either (we have enough of that now!

Kendra said...

Hi Michele, no the kids don't want extra tv. Mind you, we tape the few shows they do watch, and then watch them later or during rainy times. In the warmer months they play outside LOTS, and we go to the park a bit too so they can run more and play on the equipment. We also go visiting a bit, take advantage of a homeschool even (they have them weekly), and get a bit of extra time on the Wii. However, they have to have to have a ticket in order to use the Wii. They can only get tickets from helping out around the house! I'm also less picky about toys being put away which means we have huge lego contraptions and block building going on, as well as train tracks running through it all. They tend to return to it again and play a lot of I let them leave things like that up!

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

Robin said...

I hope you get this, I see this is from March and I don't know exactly how a blog page works. I got to it from your FIAR post for meal help the other day. Anyway, I love the look of your menus thank you for posting. Are the tabs around the outside active when you use it? I don't understand if they are only for looks or have a use. Thanks, Robin

Kendra said...

Hi Robin,

No, the tabs are just for looks. :D They were part of the graphics I purchased and I opted to make my menu look all fancy.