Thursday, March 26, 2009


Jaydism's: v. a word or saying spoken from the mouth of Jayden.

"Just call me Pinocinose!"
"For peace sake!"
"I can't put the dishes away I'm shaking my booty!"
"If you're the one who uses all the dishes, how come I have to put them away?"
"I want something to eat. Something brown. Something that tastes like chocolate, looks like chocolate, but doesn't have any nasty sugar in it!"
"I can't go to bed yet, I forgot to tell you something. I wanted to go to the park, the good park. The park not by our house. The park by the beach. You know what park I mean?"
"Is today the day I'm getting a rabbit?"
"Just call me Jack, because my letters are J-A-C."

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