Saturday, March 7, 2009

How To Make An Apple Pie And See The World

This week we rowed How To Make An Apple Pie And See The world, which is a really funny book. This is Morgan's second time through, and Jayden's first. We tend to do this book each fall, but kinda missed it last year. Either way, the boys had lots of fun just reading the book. Jayden is great for memorizing and quoting funny lines back to us. This book is loaded with them for him, and he doesn't disappoint us!
The book is about a little girl who wishes to make an apple pie, so she goes to the market. The market is closed, and thus she sets off to gather her ingredients.
The first time we rowed this book we spent one day (for a total of 5) learning about each country she visited. We tried a meal from each country, located each one in turn, etc. This year, mainly because our library is pretty lax in books fit for my kids ages about the countries mentioned, we simply talked about the countries. Looked at pictures, and discussed how Uncle "D" and Jacqueline had been to Jamaica and they might have pictures the boys could look at.

Funnily enough a few of our off handed conversations crept into play this week. Sri Lanka is one of the countries the girl goes to (read the book to find out why), so we were looking at a book about said country. In the book we read about how they had a president, then we read about a prime minister (not the same people). Morgan pointed out that he knew a Prime Minister and a President had the same types of jobs. Ahh, good listening kiddo! 

We enjoyed tracing out the little girls route on our large wall map. We simply put tacks into each country and then I let the kids take turn looping the string in order around her the tacks. Jayden made a great point that going from France to Sri Lanka and then back to England was NOT a shortcut (he lives for shortcuts I'm afraid..). It was also a great review for them to be able to locate France, Italy, and England on the map. They have no problem with the last two, but France can often throw them for a loop. Then we point out that Louise Bleroit crossed the English Channel and that helps set them in the right direction. Jamaca and Sri Lanka were semi new to them.

We also discussed repetition again, which was a simple review from last week with Ferdinand. Morgan enjoys writing, so he tends to soak these tidbits in. Jayden on the other hand, doesn't care, so long as the story is "good". That's okay though. We also discussed humor in writing, to which Morgan said, "But the whole book is Funny!!!"

For Art this week they took a piece of paper (it was suppose to be legal paper but I had none, so we simply used what we had) and drew a city street. Morgan opted to copy right from the book, Jayden started the process and became upset that his buildings were lopsided squares. Alas.. The idea was to fold the paper in half at the end to show how an illustrator can give the feeling of movement and unity by spreading out a scene over many pages.

Math was 8-3=5. Now that might sound silly out of context, but you have to read the book to understand why. Jayden enjoyed making himself a little booklet to go along with this (as did Morgan). Because Jayden knows the entirety of the story, and especially the lines that go with this little booklet he likes to read it to us too.

We intended to end our week with a salt experiment (evaporation), but have opted to wait until next week to DO the experiment, and simply discussed evaporation instead. The reason for waiting is that the boys will use the leftover salt to make their pie with, but they want to wait for Daddy to be home to make the pie (he's on the mainland at the minute.)

We also had a great review this week of map reading skills, which is 100% up Morgan's alley, as we went on a field trip to the Aboretum to do orienteering. (And for those of you in Tasmania who always discuss how to say the name.. I now know, and we even learned what Aboretum means!) The boys had loads of fun, but I'll have to post separately about that.

We'll also be heading to the apple orchard when Daddy gets back. The boys are super excited about this. We're hoping to pick up a few different kinds of apples to taste test, and enough to make a pie of course! Not to mention the orchard we're going to is suppose to give you a bit of a train ride through the orchard and has a tree where they've grafted something like 35 different variety of apples on it. Should be interesting!

Not many pictures this week, because you'll have to wait for the photographer to return and upload some for us. Morgan is the only one who made a lapbook this week, he used the Five In A Row Fold-N-Learn that matched our title. (These are a bit different then standard lapbook components, and it took us a bit to figure it out, but we're happy with the end result!) 

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