Monday, March 30, 2009

HomeSchool Library Builder

We are a book loving family. We frequent too many library branches to disclose publicly for fear of making you all pass out! In fact, it's pretty much guaranteed that our library will never ever close because we keep the circulation numbers up, very up. So high up, that our 15 card limit is often maxed, and exceeded, thanks to the wonderful librarians in many of our library branches. Our librarians know us by name and face, and some have memorized our library card numbers just like I have. Yes, yes laugh all you want, but I know my library card number by heart. It comes in very handy too! It's far easier to just type in that number when I put books on hold and in wishlists then having to go retrieve the card all the time. My kids cherish their library cards as if they are gold. In fact if they act up in the library I can simply say, "Right, I'll just take your card away for a week." That pretty much whips them back into shape with plenty of please to "Please don't!"

We love books so much I've always said we need to live in one of those houses that has a room made for a home library. You know with those fancy pants ladders that you can swing around the whole room. Yes, my husband thinks that may be going a tad over the edge in house hunting, but one can dream right?

The point is, we love books. We can't get enough of them. I scan places like ebay, amazon (including the used section),, ebay australia, Amazon Uk, FishPond, and of course Homeschool Library Builder. All of these places are terrific for finding good books. There are other sources, such as Albris and Abebooks. Or just popping into your local used book shop, Goodwill (I don't have one of those), City Mission, Vinnies, Red Cross, etc. You're getting the point now, right?

However, one of the best sources is most certainly Homeschool Library Builder. They have awesome sales, and if you register over at their website they'll send you frequent emails telling you of their sales. Nearly everything I've ever purchased from them came from the $1 and $2 bins. Quite often they have "bin" sales ranging in price from $1 - $5. The only thing better then used books is getting them on sale!

They only ship, as far as I can tell, to the US. However, their shipping is quick and CHEAP. They used media mail, but within days of informing me that my books have shipped I'm also informed that the books have reached their destination. You can't beat quick and cheap shipping in this day and age!

Right now Homeschool Library Builder is currently running one of their great Bin Specials. You'll have to hurry though because it's only good until March 31st!

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schmobes said...

Our library card has no limit, which is a very, VERY good thing! There was a point where we had 55 books out from 3 libraries...that was when I quit counting. Glad to know it isn't just us!