Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day..

I know it's a bit beyond the fact, but we've never been big on celebrating Valentine's Day. In fact, I think we might have gone out ONCE. You see, our first child was due on the 15th, and we figured if we went out for a movie I'd go into labor during the movie. As it turned out, our little fellow made his appearance five days earlier. So each year we've had a birthday which has consumed us far more then Valentine's Day ever has. In fact, I think in his 8 years of life his birthday party has fallen on Valentine's Day 4 times! 

Each year I take the kids out to get a chocolate for Daddy. They think this is really fun. They even picked out cards for other's this year, which is not normal. We usually make cards to give away. This year, while in post office they couldn't resist some down right amusing cards for grandparents. When they picked one for Daddy it was a bit harder. Turns out Kmart's idea of Valentine's cards this year was pure crudeness. I was highly annoyed. In the end they found two great cards, one for Daddy and one for Nana, who was going to be spending Valentine's Day with us.

Most of the day was spent making bread and a few party treats. However, the boys, as normal, woke up to a few small treats themselves. Customarily they get a stuffed animal, and this year was no different. They ended up with some red valentine beanie babies, a card, and a chocolate bar (yes I promise sugar free) each. They were highly delighted by it all.

They were just as excited to give Nana her chocolate and card, as well as Daddy. Then, while everyone was laughing over their cards Morgan says, "Mommy, I didn't get you a card!" He was completely panic stricken. I pointed out that it didn't matter because I knew he loved me. We were so busy getting breakfast going and things that I didn't notice he was missing (should I be worried about that?) until he reappeared with a home made Valentine for me.

This isn't totally odd. He made me one last year too. I was asked to cut out the biggest heart I could without looking. Then, if I had some stickers from the scrapbooking stuff he could have he'd like those too (again I wasn't suppose to look!) I still have that cute heart hanging over my desk upstairs, but this year was different. No one suggested he do it. No one reminded him. This valentine was made 100% of his own accord. He wrote everything on it himself, and this one is one that will be kept for a very, very long time:

I'm not entirely sure what the person on the floor is doing, and I haven't had the heart to ask either! He wrote: "I love you Mom. I'm sorry from doing bad stuff." He started to write Happy Valentine's day, but scratched it out because, "I couldn't figure out how to spell it!" You'll probably have to click the picture to view it properly.. can you tell we've also been working on periods? I truly love this Valentine! 

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