Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My boys have had very few professional haircuts, and since their arrival in Australia, they've only had one. Seriously. Do you have any idea how much they charge for haircuts these days? Long past are the days of $5 cuts. So, we line 'em up at home and snip away. I'm not saying that all their haircuts are awesome, or even worthy of much, but I will say the more often I cut their hair the better it gets.  Oh, and for the record, they're not alone, no one here goes for a cut anymore, including myself.

Jayden's gotten quite a few compliments on his hair this go around, which we finally worked back into a bowl cut. He's quite happy with it too. He gets really put out if his hair touches his ears or his eyebrows. 

Morgan is another story. He's a panicker by nature. Which means we can be cutting away doing fine and if a piece of hair tickles his nose he goes nuts on me. I have to remind him that sitting still is a must if he wants a good hair cut. This all goes in one ear and out the other because he's usually spitting at this point. Why? Because chances are he tried to wipe the hair from his face using the hairy towel around his neck. Which means he most likely got hair on his lips, and in his attempt to remove it he licked his lips, thus pulling the hair in his mouth. Which all leads to the moment of spitting. My solution? I spray him smack dab in the face with my squirt bottle. It's not exactly "fun" in the middle of the winter for him, but it keeps it all out of his face and he doesn't panic. 

Daddy wasn't home this time so it was a trick to keep them both still while they got hair cuts. Morgan's went a bit wonky and required a "fix-up" when Daddy got home and decided he wanted a hair cut too. So, just to prove that I can cut their hair, and do a good job with it I told them to stand together for a photo. They grumbled. I said this wasn't a serious photo, I should be been more specific. Here's the results I got:

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