Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finished, at las..

I was able to spend Saturday afternoon sewing away on this. The kids found it interesting to run in every five minutes and ask if it was done yet so they could tell what it was. Now, you'll have to ignore the hideous wall color, which isn't nearly as bad in the bathroom as the wall you can't see. It's one of those feather painting jobs, but it's not very well done. Even worse, someone stuck up a border wallpaper thing in there. Gold. Moons. Sun. I have the worst urge to rip it down every day. I've often wondered if the home owner would truly complain.. Anyway.. would you believe I didn't buy that material because it matched the shower curtain? Despite the bright blue"y" wall color in there the shower curtain USE to be purple. It had an accident. Then another one. In an attempt to fix the accidents it was completely destroyed. Hey, we tried!  

In the end we went and grabbed a new one. I loved the dots, and the colors, oddly enough, matched the walls, so it was a great fit.  The material I picked up on a mega clearance table at Spotlight. All the dot material cost something like $3.00 or less per meter, and the backing, which is, oddly enough, a purple terricloth, was $4.00 per meter. Then I saw this super cool idea, and decided that since we needed a new bath mat, and I was too cheap to pay twenty bucks for one, I'd use my super cheap material and make one. The guys all said I should put the feet on ours too, but I opted to take them down to the beach for a picnic dinner instead!

I have more then enough squares left to make at least one more, I'm guessing two at the least. I probably only have enough of the terry cloth for one more. Maybe next weekend I can make another, we shall see.. The other bathroom in the house (as in the one with a tub in it) is very bland in color so those colors will look nice in there too! 

Here's a couple more pictures:

this material all has the title of chocolate in it.. 

this looks super dotty here, but I promise it's not..
the brown dotty, and the solid blue with dots are my favorite.

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