Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ahoy There Matey!

A while back the boys checked a book out of the library all about pirates. Pirates is an on again off again fad around here. Upon arriving home they wasted no time in setting up the living room (lucky for them there's never any furniture in it) into boats. It was really quite amazing so I snapped a few photos. You'll have to ignore the spaghetti sauce all over their faces, after all pirates don't wash very often, right?

The sock is not a random addition to his costume, it's his peg-leg.. and yes, he made me take him to K-mart like that.. They are also completely convinced they scared someone with their get-ups, they are very proud of that fact. Personally, I think she was hungry, but...

his boat is considerably smaller then his brother's, but he has a map, don't ask me why he's standing on a library book. Let's pray the librarians never stumble upon our little blog!

I believe he called himself Pirate Hook.

This is an overall view of Morgan's boat. Notice the candle? That was because pirates didn't have electricity and he needed "light" to read. The stick was his fishing pole and the brown container would have had spaghetti in it, all pirates need a snack, right?

He is such a packrat! Notice all that stuff in the corner of his boat? He knew exactly where all of it was, and when I suggested he pick up the empty spaghetti container and the corner got bumped, he was pretty put out because he had to put it all right back again. Notice the small bird? Yeah, he took it out of the tree from the bathroom, and used it as his Parrot. I found it highly amusing!

They were a mixture of pirates and Columbus, as we'd just read an outstanding book about said sailor. It was very descriptive in how a boat runs, etc. Thus the map, they were navigating their way around the West Indies. There was some serious detail put into this playing. The conversations were just as funny. I heard one of them shouting out, "Don't hit the ice!" and the other one lecturing his sibling about "the natives".

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carriejoy said...

Kendra! That is just awesome! I had to show my husband and he laughed OUT LOUD at more than one thing! If we ever get on the same continent, we have to get our boys together! What a great job you guys do!