Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Peanut

This isn't the best picture, but have you ever tried to photograph two kids and two guinea pigs at the same time?! I'm telling you it's not easy! The little one in Morgan's lap is the newest addition to our home, and despite the fact that he has two hands on her she can easily fit in the palm of one of his little hands. Seriously.

For Morgan's birthday we took him to a Wildlife Park (more info coming later..) and while there he was very excited to hear they would have guinea pigs to view. That same morning he'd lost two guinea pigs, in a very unfortunate way.. So after saying his good-byes to the one we buried he was very excited about going to see guinea pigs.

When they said they had guinea pigs, they weren't kidding either! They had a stall, not normal horse sized, more like single sheep sized, full of these little critters. They were having a blast in there running around and being crazy. However, they foolishly had boys and girls in together which means they had babies in there too. They had three babies that were barely 3 weeks old. Needless to say they were small and tiny and cute and Daddy said he'd buy him one. The lady in charge said, "You can take one, but I don't know if it's safe." 

Instead she called the Guinea Pig lady, or G. Pig lady as she called herself. She actually brought the little one we took from her own home. Apparently she has so many that need homes she keeps some at the park and some at her place. This little one is very placid and very tiny. She also has some funny fur thing going on. She looks short haired, but she's got fuzz. When our babies were born they didn't have that, so I'm guessing this has more to do with her breed.

Sadly, neither of our piggies are Rosettes, which is my personal favorite because that way they don't shed as much and it doesn't irritate my allergies. Good thing they are so cute and funny! Plus, we can tell a very funny story about how rosette piggies got their rosettes (totally not true a true story, but...)

After much debating Morgan was going to dub his new piggie Olga Da Polga (which is where the story comes from). If you haven't read Olga you really should. It's funny and cute! Anyway.. he decided that since Jayden was calling her Polga Da Olga he'd just call her peanut instead. I didn't completely follow his logic, but that's not really the point of this story..

So now we have Cookie and Peanut. Cookie has always been small and dainty compared to the rest of our brood. She was always lowest on the totem pole as well. Which, of course, made her very friendly because she relished the attention we gave her. She was one of the little ones that was born on Easter morning last year, much to our surprise. 

For the first time in her life she looks BIG, and she's not. She can still curl up and fit in your hand too, but she much prefers to sniff you and beg for veggies. Cookie doesn't just smell fruits and veggies.. she knows that if the fridge opens and she squeaks you're likely to give her some small tidbit. I suspect she'll have Peanut trained in this fashion before too long...


Michele said...

Oh how cool! We were just at a friend's house today who had a guinea pig. The boys were fascinated. I think they would make great pets for them!

Kendra AU said...

Go for it! You can get some great ideas/information at a place calledCavy Spirit Mostly their Cages section. Just keep in mind though, especially if you visit the forum, that they are part of PETA, and so some are BIG TIME fanatics... However, the cages suggested are so simple and cheap to build!