Friday, February 6, 2009


Yesterday morning this little fellow was sitting in on of our dinning room windows. He sat there staring in at us with big bulging green eyes. The kids were astounded at seeing him and, in fact, were the ones who spotted him first. Morgan did a quick sketch (I'll see if I can get a picture of it later) of him, complete with his 5 eyes. (Did you know they had five eyes? They do, two are VERY obvious, but the other three are VERY tiny and located just between the two bigger eyes. In fact, they themselves mimic the shape of his head, to the best that we could see.) Morgan also included his triangular head, elongated thorax (to give him the appearance of a long neck) and the spikes he has on his front legs for doing his poor unsuspecting prey in. It turns out that a praying mantis can strike his prey so fast that it's often unable to be detected by the human eye.  Mantis (as he was dubbed) stayed in our window all morning long. Eventually he moved on up the house, or down, we're not entirely sure..  Jayden was convinced this was a karate mantis, and thus it inspired much Kung Fu Pandaness talk around here for a while. Yet, he was not willing to touch it. In fact when Daddy and Morgan went out to touch it Jayden screwed up his face, closed his eyes and threw his hands over his eyes as well. The whole time saying, "No! Don't!!!" 

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