Friday, February 27, 2009

Ferdinand Lapbook

This week all our studies are coming from this handy little book. The boys have throughly enjoyed everything we've done this week, which hasn't been a great deal as they've both been suffering from some basic colds. We did, however, learn a little about Spain. They were impressed to see that olive trees (all though they've no idea what an olive is..) and cork trees grow there. I think they were even more impressed by the cork trees and loved the pictures we found. After all they use their cork guns on a regular basis around here.. especially when "girly" cousins come and join in the fun!  They learned about inches, centimeters (timely lesson too as we were learning about inches in our math book), feet, and yards. We discussed interjections and fantasy stories. Morgan even wrote one about a zebra named Stripey who lives in China.

Now, before you criticizes his idea of putting a zebra in China instead of Africa, I will point out that I mentioned this to him. I asked him if he was sure about that because zebras weren't roaming around China. You see, he has two great passions.. China & zebras. He simply pointed out that since his story was starting with "Once upon a time" it wasn't real, and if it wasn't real ANYTHING could happen. I wasn't about to argue with his theory, because after all it was very sound reasoning. Not to mention, if he wants to write, who cares how real it is!

We also enjoyed a book entitled, I Sailed With Columbus. The book is written from the view of a gromet on the boat. It's amazingly well detailed and informative. Not just about Spain and the Canary Islands, but also about the "adventure" that Columbus and his crew had. Plus, we were highly impressed to learn a LOT about boats. How the term 'knots' came to be, how they kept track of time on boats, how they pottied on boats, and so much more. The author wrote the book and used all her details and information from details written in Columbus' diaries. Very interesting stuff! 

The boys also made lapbooks:

Notice the vulture (we learned about those as well, and Jayden enjoyed counting as many as he could find in the book..) Morgan likes to "trick" people into thinking his lapbooks can't open by glueing something over the opening and then cutting it.

His full lapbook

His art lesson.. the idea was to show how an artist can make one thing in a picture look large and another small. Morgan chose to duplicate a picture in the story. His house came out bigger then he meant for it to, but he was still very pleased with his end result.  So were we! (If you click on the picture to see a bigger version, please note you may need to turn your monitors upside down as he's glued his work on his lapbok UPSIDE DOWN and proceeded to hold the lapbook wrong way around for the photo!)

Jayden's book, he doesn't have an art to show yet as our printer is broken.. alas..

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