Monday, February 23, 2009

Dinner Conversation..

It always starts out normal, but it never fails that dinner topics turn odd in our home. They are never completely normal, perhaps I should just feed everyone chocolate for dinner. They'd be so busy consuming it they wouldn't bother to have odd conversations... However, tonight it was oodles of veggies and fruit with homemade macaroni and cheese. Only, Lawrence can't stand if there's no meat present, and he opted to fry up sausages to mix in his helping of mac n cheese. He got them started a bit late and we were all at the table while his snags were frying away. Jayden was telling us all about peninsulas (yes he really knows..) when he sniffs the air and says:

"What's that smell?"
"Sausages," was Daddy's reply
"It's the smell of pig fat frying in a pan kiddo!" -- K
"What?!" -- J
"Yup, sausages can be pig, lamb, or even cow." -- K
"What's great fat?" -- M
"PIG FAT! Not GREAT  fat. Who cares how fat the pig is you're only going to eat him right?" -- K
"Do I eat pig?" -- M
"You know bacon is pig, so of course you do?" -- K
"Is that why you don't eat sausages and stuff?" -- M
"WAIT A MINUTE!! You guys are so wrong!! If sausages were pigs they'd be pink, if they were cows they'd have big black spots, and if they were sheep they'd be white!" -- J

Just a side note, it won't deter my kids from eating meat to say these things. They know I have serious meat issues, as in mind over matter. So they enjoy gross detailed conversations of where our food came from, which usually results in Mom eating all the veggies while they scoff down all the meat. However, Jayden's theory was just beyond words, I liked his way of thinking! Let's just say I'm REALLY GLAD I don't like sausages, because if I did it'd be a looooooong time before I'd eat another.. ;)

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