Friday, February 20, 2009

Cookie & Peanut

Since our last piggie pictures weren't that great, we went on a mission to get a better picture to share. The only problem is our piggies are nosey and presume that when you lean over the cage you'll drop bits of veggies or fruit at them. This means they sniff and squeak and squawk and when you completely disappoint them by sticking only the rim of a camera lens in they run and hide in their house. 

Cookie is the bigger of the two, and believe it or not is quite small and scrawny for her age. I won't be surprised if Peanut overtakes her at some point.. 

Cookie is a very personal piggie pie, and she wanted to know what we were doing. Her nose goes at about 200 mph when she's intrigued by what we're doing. Did you know guinea pigs sense of smell is nearly 100x greater then ours? That little piggie can smell the veggies when I walk in the door with them from the grocery! She's also great at begging for food with her perpetual "wheeeeeeks" for it.. Her favorite is cos (romaine) lettuce or sweet peppers (capsicums) She also happens to be Morgan's favorite piggie..

Peanut was oblivious to it all so long as she had hay to munch on. Cookie, however, was willing to come up to the lens and have a big sniff to see what was going on. I suspect if we hadn't backed up in fits of laughter she would have given it a nibble..

The happy friends. Peanut likes to climb a bit, so she wasn't happy to be in a position she couldn't climb out of, but Cookie didn't care. Ever hopeful and always nosey. She's really very funny. She's even befriended the dog. When she wants attention and no one will listen the dog will go nose to nose with her and they'll whimper back and forth. Kinda makes you wonder what on earth they are lamenting about.. These piggies, for the record, are probably about 9 or 10 months apart.

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