Sunday, February 8, 2009

Boys will be boys..

I have often said that being the only girl in a house of boys is hard, and it is, at times. First of all, anything pink and frilly is completely out! Even if I wanted it I know that in a matter of minutes of playing with 'the guys' the entire effect would be ruined. Before I could even get to that point though, I'd have to live down the giggles and finger pointing that would be sure to greet me the minute my face rounded the bottom stair. I can't convince my boys that borrowing Strawberry Shortcake or Angelina Ballerina from the library is a cool thing to do. "It's girly, and not for boys!" 

Anytime of the day is often met with bodily sounds that you pray the neighbors didn't hear. Heaven forbid you tell them off for it or they'll remind you of the one horrifying time you were outside did tell them off and released a burp so loud it echoed around the neighborhood. Which is, as can only be expected, enough to silence you for days to come..

So what's a girl to do? Join the fun of course! Mind you, there are plenty of times when I join the fun from the safety of the living room window, or with my feet firmly planted on the ground while I shout up (where I can only presume 'the guys' are hiding) to be careful. I remind myself that they bounce right back, and this fully includes wrestling on the trampoline, or worse yet skateboarding down the very short, but SUPER steep hill in the side yard.

Oh, yes they did! I sat transfixed in horror from the kitchen table watching them. Wondering how on earth my "terrified of heights" child was willing to drag a skateboard up a hill while insisting to his little brother that the results would be 'cool' 'awesome' 'fast' & of course 'fun'. I was speechless, and decided that the best thing to do was let them crash and burn because they'd obviously only try it once, right?

I mean that was a brave thought because I'm also the mother of a child who once climbed out of his crib and landed hard enough on the floor that the lights downstairs shook for a full 10 seconds before the screams erupted. I had to put the operator I was speaking with on hold while I ran upstairs to evaluate the situation. Once returning said child to his bed and leaving the room to remove the operator from hold I heard the same resounding thud, but without tears this time.. 

So there they were perched atop a hill with the youngest in front, a rope tied around them for a make shift seatbelt, and safety helmets buried somewhere under all the other out door toys. The look of terror on his once fearless brother were overwhelming, and only grew more so as the skateboards front wheels creeped, ever so slowly, over the first ledge.

You see, our yard is all tiered, (We had nothing to do with it!)  because it was built on a hill. The side area is the worst, and it's all dirt with a few old railroad ties sectioning off the various tiers. So even if this trip was successful they had to climb over two railroad ties and manage not to crash on the rocks at the bottom. Mind you, only small smooth ones for drainage purposes, but rocks all the same. Do you feel my fear yet?!

As the skateboard loomed halfway over the edge the eldest, and of course firmly in the back, screams "BAIL OUT!! WE'RE NOT GONNA MAKE IT! WE MIGHT DIE!" At the moment his sanity returned I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Was it relief or true humor?? I'm not sure yet.. I have yet to see them attempt to skateboard down that hill, but now they've picked up a new passion.. repelling.

That's right, my terrified of heights child came up with the brainy idea to snag the dog's rope, tie it around a tree, and secure another end onto the deck railing. He then climbs up the hill (which takes far longer then using the provided steps!) and repels, complete with mini jumps, back down. Should I be concerned?? I dunno, it's kinda hard to take them seriously when they are dressed in those silly get-ups playing Maxwell Smart. 

note the secure clip they've got going on.. this is at the top

secured on the deck.. may the lattice hold..

"the hill" -- it's not big
  ignore my (undercover laundry lines.. I was inside taking this picture while hiding behind the curtains so they didn't see me.)

climbing up.. gotta love his choice in mountain climbing shoes!

now you try taking him seriously when, dressed like that, he says, "Mom, wouldn't it be so cool if we had a shoe phone?"


KeishaMama said...

That was too too funny! OMG I'm still laughing!

Andrea said...

LOL! SO funny! I understand all about a houseful of boys!