Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birthday Pictures..

Morgan didn't know what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, but he kept going on and on about oreos. Morgan has a weakness. Enter, Oreos. His weakness is so great with these little cookies that he named his twin guinea pigs Oreo & Cookie. I'm not kidding. 

I found a recipe for some delicious looking homemade oreo cookies. The problem was they were loaded with a variety of sugar. I couldn't do that for us.  Which led to a lot of thinking and plotting. I had hoped to obtain Maple sugar, to be honest, but that was ruled out when I realized how much the company wanted to charge for shipping. I wasn't left with enough time to have it shipped to a US residence and then to me. 

I ended up making the chocolate cookies with Stevia, and they tasted just fine, but were too weak to hold up to stuffing. I was going to make him a big pile of oreos and pile them up. He would have thought it was awesome. Instead, I piled up the oreo style wafers and stacked them with whipped cream.  I heard a cry of, "AWESOME!" when he spotted it in the fridge.

The cake was enjoyed, which is what really counts. He loved the Madagascar characters on top, all though Jayden was quick to point out that Morgan was licking a zebra bum.. Boys! The candles were also a HUGE hit, thank you Gram-Gram & Poppy! 

Morgan received a few things but his two two favorites would be his ipod, we now have to repeat everything a MILLION times because it's always turned on (with his favorite new cd), and his Harry Potter Lego (again thank you Gram-Gram & Poppy!)

Just ignore the library bag and computer cord in that picture, won't you?


Michele said...

What a great cake! Happy Birthday, Morgan!

Anonymous said...

I think the cake looks great!