Sunday, February 1, 2009

Artist Study

Due to some deep interest in art I've decided to start an artist study. Now, in principle this will be super simple, I can only hope that my library will keep it that way. The idea is, at this point, to study a new artist each month. We'll look at some of their paintings/art, read a bit about the artist, and try our hand(s) attempting their style. I suspect Morgan will truly enjoy this because his love of art, and all things crafty, is never ending.

I've slowly been trying to get all my "ducks in a row" for this project. After little though (seriously, this one was a quick decision for me) we'll be notebooking our artists. Basically, I'll have a master page where the kids can add a picture of their artist and a few sentences about him. We'll also add their favorite piece by said artist, and then whatever they try their own hand at. My fingers are crossed that our library will have books for us to borrow.. We run into snafus with that from time to time..

So here's the resources we'll be using:

  • Discovering Great Artists -- this will be our biggest, and main, resource. Each page features a new artist, with a small biography about them, a hand sketched picture of the artist, and then a hands on project for trying a method or medium that the artist used.
  • Questions To Ask -- this is a great list of questions to ask about the paintings in order to encourage the kids to look deeper at the pictures. Then again, sometimes a game of I spy works too...
  • Artist NoteBooking Pages -- these are free, and we may or may not use some of these. I REALLY like their composer pages (which, of course, aren't free..) and will probably use them for our monthly composer study, but that's another story..
  • Free Notebooking Pages -- more free artist notebooking pages. I suspect we'll use these more often, don't ask me why, but I find them more visually appealing. (I know, I'm weird.. you can say it, I promise I won't get mad..) This same site also has scientist pages, which we'll be using as well.
  • Art Coloring Pages -- these are actual pieces of art (famous paintings) coloring pages. While we may not use these ALL the time, I have two colorers on hand. When they like something, learn about it, etc, they want to color it.
  • Harmony Art Mom -- a homeschooling Mom with a huge passion for art. She shares many methods and tutorials, and she's also the host of Sketch Tuesday (we've yet to participate..) If you're interested she also offers an artist/composer study for sale for those who don't want to come up with the "stuff" themselves or who are just looking for a push in the right direction.
  • Artist Study CM Style -- Jimmie has set up an awesome lens full of TONS of links for a lot of great places. She also gives a run down on how she does an artist study, etc. It's worth the read especially if you need a boost of confidence getting going in this area.
  • Notebooking Nook -- they have some great notebooking covers for Art, Music, and Nature. We'll be printing all of them out to use. They also have a handful of other freebies both for school and home. Lots of good stuff there. We've enjoyed some of their items in the past!
We'll also be using:

  • Five In A Row -- our main curriculum which always has great art lessons and ideas in it. This is how Morgan fell in love with water color and is desperate to learn to do it!
  • StoryBook Art -- this book has a lot of great ideas for spring boarding off some favorite children's books (many of which will tie in with our FIAR study). Thanks to Heather for sharing that one..
  • How Great Thou Art -- this is a 4 year art program that we're super excited to start (once it arrives!) Morgan is excited in hopes that he'll learn some techniques for water color methods, and I'm excited because we've purchased the version that comes with DVDs so that we can see the lesson in action. We'll be using the I Can Do All Things level. For those of you interested (and not wanting the DVDs) you can buy this program as a download over at Currclick.
We'll be doing something very similar with a composer and scientist study each month too. I know Morgan will love the scientist study, but I suspect Jayden may be more inclined to the composer. That's not to say they won't each like all three, I just see them each liking one over another. After all, Morgan's great ambition right now is to get to the bottom of just how I made a volcano in his grandmother's house while Jayden is far more concerned with how he can obtain a trumpet..


Jimmie said...

I'm so pleased that you're starting artist study. And thanks for the link to my artist study page. I'm glad that it's helpful to you. :-)

Holly said...

Kendra I didn't click on all of your links to see if you had this one already but the ladies over at the Real Learning board have these threads (as stickies) one for composers and one for artists... I thought they might be handy if your library isn't ;) In the past I have alternated composer and artist each month it was too much for me to keep up with both!

Kendra AU said...

Holly! I can't wait to take a good look at that one! I can use the inspiration. ;)

Jimime, we got a LOT of inspiration from your lens!