Friday, January 23, 2009

Two Wheeler Bikes..

Biking is a big sport in Australia. I wake up just before 5:30 each day, and when I peek out my window I watch an entire gaggle of bikers go by chattering up a storm. This is a daily occurence, and it's not unusual. No matter where we go, I usually have to pass several bikers. We live in a fairly calm road so we often have bikers up and down our road. At our last place we actually had a bike race happen right past the house! Yes, biking is a big thing here.

It's also something the boys have decided they are ready to embark on. Now, don't get me wrong. Our kids have been riding bikes since Morgan was 1. He was given his first bike and hasn't stopped since. In fact, we were just discussing how Jayden wore the tires of that poor bike out! 

After watching a movie, and I honestly can't remember which one, Jayden asked if I'd buy him a two wheeler bike. I told him no way, his bike was two wheeler he just had to be brave enough to take the training wheels off. He was 100% set to do it, and ran to fetch the wrench for me. I wasn't 100% sold. Morgan has an aversion to heights. It's been this way since he was a baby. If I put him on a changing table he'd SCREAM and thrash until I picked him up and changed him on the floor. He's not as bad as he use to be, but he's still not sold on heights.

Despite all of that Daddy helped them both take their training wheels off and we went into the driveway. Now, something you need to understand here... Our driveway, the flat space you see in that photo, that's all the flat there is. Yes, it's flat under the carport, but the car is in there. Other then that, it's all downhill. And no, Uncle Stephen, we will not ride our scooters, skateboard, and bikes down that hill! 

So, this was a slow progress, and I think we'll need to go down to the beach, which has a beautiful walk track that we walk on daily anyway. It will give the kids more of a running start. I had great fun sitting in the grass (despite the allergy attack it was giving me on my legs) watching these biking lessons we classified as PE for the day.

Daddy didn't just take off the wheels, he was out there explaining all sorts of physics and other such things in order to help Morgan find his balance. (Yes, I so video taped it, and I'll have to upload it because it was so amusing!!) Morgan really did well, and actually managed a bit on his own (unbeknown to him). Jayden, not so much. He's still gung-ho, but he's struggling to find his balance. All in good time, he won't be left behind for long!

Here's a few more pictures:

Morgan, getting a lesson on balance..

Morgan, getting himself ready before take-off

Very technichal stuff being discussed.. I couldn't resist taking the photo!

nearly had it..

that was SO fun!

Did I do it, Daddy? 

They were hoping it would be easier then it was, but I suspect it won't be long before they see it is just as easy as they thought it was. Then they'll be asking for bike rides all the time. Jayden is all ready convinced that each person who passes our home is an olympian! Must be the outfits they wear.. 

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Andrea said...

Great pics! Hope they get the hang of 2 wheels quickly!