Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nature Lessons..

This is our little patch of beach. Of course we don't own it, we just use it--daily. We're having a major heat wave here and what better way to cool off then lots of swimming? I'm not entirely sure the wildlife down there is as equally impressed, but you never know.. Our neighborly stingray is still hanging out. It's very large, but we've yet to capture him on "film". They are amazingly graceful to watch them while they swim, but really I prefer to know they are far out of the way before I get in the water. We spotted a small school of fish yesterday too, as well as an orange salt water fish. His coloring (orange) was the same as a clown fish, but his markings weren't right. Not all of us spotted the little fellow, so it may make identifying him a bit harder.

Today, the beach was infested with lots of jellies again. Not all of these were just the "jelly" either. While waiting for the tide to recede a little (the beach was covered with debris due to high tide)  we were walking the shore line. The boys called out and I looked up and kept walking and managed to squash a jelly. Yes, it was as GROSS as it sounds. I heard and felt a small pop and then squish. I proceeded to jump up and down squealing, run in the water to rinse my foot off, only to realize I was surrounded by jellies, so I ran back to the towel and attempted to scrub my foot clean. The boys were highly amused.

Of course, we didn't take the camera today and we spotted two blue tongued lizards. Now, I'm not exactly on the friendly side of reptiles. In fact, I prefer they stay as far away from me as is possible. However, in the interest of nature I like to put on a brave face. So, when my husband pointed it out to me I did my best not to scream loud enough that the birds on the mainland would take flight. Rather, I squealed and jumped behind him and called the boys back to take a peek.

They were both highly impressed with him, all though slightly disappointed that he didn't leave his tongue out for them to have a good gander at. On our way back up the path coming home we spotted the second one, and a bit smaller then the first. The boys got quite close to it instructing it to go find it's Mommy Lizard so it wouldn't be all alone. They weren't impressed to hear that many reptiles and amphibians are born knowing what they need to do in life to survive. We've spent a lot of time studying mammals, it might be time to start learning about some of God's other creatures...

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