Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pictures from Mt Roland

Our technical difficulties seem to be over, so here's a few pictures from our weekend excursion. We hope you enjoy them:

here we are at the start, just before hitting the trail..

Mt Claude, you had to wind up this to get where we were going

this is early on the trail still..

this is HALF the tree.. it went up out of view, despite being down..

See Mom, rocks really do grow things! Seriously cool though, eh?

Here's another one, and check out the size of that boulder!

here's the view from Mt Claude of how far we still had to go

fungus, we think..

Morgan spotted this funny little smile face!

Getting closer, but we still weren't half-way yet..

aren't the trees amazing?

Peppermint Gum Tree, we chewed on the leaves..

the "stairs of death".. seriously these were wicked! Once at the top (which took a long haul) you still had many more miles of uphill to battle. Don't attempt them without eating breakfast first, lesson learned.

Awesome fungi.. this was growing on one of the steps near the beginning. Australia is home to some pretty amazing fungus, and the color of them is often very vivid.

this was at the halfway point up the stairs

same tree, this is the end sticking out towards the stairs

after the final stair has been crossed and the final uphill battle is over there's a platform between Mt Roland & Mt Van Dyke, and this is the stunning view of Mt Roland from there. We've come so far, and yet so far to go still! The sign at the platform read 1.5 hours to Mt Roland.. 

this view made the stairs worth while!

once off the platform and back on the trail we could finally see our destination always looming in front of us...

here's the new trail, much thinner.. in fact it looked like an old creek bed that we were walking in.. Lots of loose rocks and bull ants..


We'd seen the helicopters circling all morning and wondered what was going on. Then we rounded a slight bend in the path and saw it sitting there about to take off.. Wanna know what it was doing??

A wedding! The helicopter was taking people in and out for it.. An amazing view for it. Those planks of wood running in front of the wooden platform were the path we had to walk on for several kilometers before the creek bed path took over again.

there were a few amazing rocks to rest on just after the planks finally ran out. Notice how laid back and full of energy Jayden is? That child walked all but 30-40 minutes in, out of a 4 hour hike! This is the same child who can't manage to cross the street at home before he needs a lift!

We were amazed by how many of these were growing, I suspect these will be our first Nature lesson of the new term..

At this point we're about a half hour from the tip of the peak.. Notice Jayden's sad expression? Morgan was physically exhausted at this point and wanted to just wait it out until the other's returned to us (some were all ready at the peak). We'd told those that had been nearest us we would remain where we were. Jayden was devastated. He wasn't excepting anything less then the REAL top. Honestly, it seemed a waste to have spent 3.5 hours climbing and not make it to the top. When Morgan spotted cousins off in the distance, he was filled, once again, with a new found vigor and led us up the mountain and an unbelievable pace considering minutes earlier he was on the verge of tears from pure exhaustion!

You may need to click on the picture to see the "tower" but there's a small round shape at the top of the mountain (on legs) and that was our final destination. From the rock the boys were resting on we could see it. It was the first time all day we could finally SEE where we were going. No one going up the mountain knew how long it would take or had ever taken this particular route before. There were moments when we hoped each bend would bring the well sought after prize, but it wasn't until this point that we could finally see just how far we'd come, and how little we had left to go!

Oh so close, just around that small bit there, and scale the boulders and we'll be at the top. 

That's it, seriously. Scale the boulders to reach the peak. Jayden was semi-bullied into this photo. He thought for sure we'd not go the rest of the way. We were worried about Morgan on the boulders and his distinct fear of heights. He made it, all though we had him stay slightly below the highest peak for fear we couldn't get him down afterwards. Jayden refused to stay lower and had to reach the very top..

Exhausted, but there. He fell apart about 10 minutes later when he realized we had a good haul back down to get to Nana's.. a quick nap on Daddy's back (to whom it was anything but quick) and the world was right again.. Below are a few more views from up-top. Amazing, isn't it? My favorite is looking down and seeing God's patchwork quilt of farmland..

It was an amazing day well spent, and we fully enjoyed ourselves. Isn't God's handiwork just breath taking? We're so grateful for family that was willing to spend a day doing the same crazy thing we were, and just as grateful to Nana for preparing us a hardy meal to return to. Would we do it again? In a heart beat! Jayden is now determined to climb EVERY mountain, and Morgan is awestruck at just how hard mountain climbing is. We're just impressed with how well they both did on such a VERY long hike..


Michele said...

What a fantastic hike!

Andrea said...

Wow! What a great hike- and a beautiful view! One of these days (as I always tell my kids- "when I'm rich and famous") I'd LOVE to go hiking in Australia!

Lynn said...

What a hike! I love that you saw a smiley face in the wood. Isn't nature delightful?


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