Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh Happy Day..

The resident photographer took many pictures on Australia Day, so here you go:

The Burgers: no we didn't buy them from Woolies, we made them.. No, the candles were not for singing, only for reminding us which ones were wheat free.. 

Adrienne's Trifle, is that not cool?!

a round of Duck-Duck-Bruce while the burgers cooked

practicing surf's club rescue techniques

Somehow, I suspect there's a photo just like that on Nana's camera of the other photographer..

Jayden's wistful glances .. it was rocky on this segment of beach there was a sting-ray, so no one wanted to go too far out, except him..

Morgan in his Jet Engine Rocket, complete with boosters (not pictured) that his convinced his Aunty to help him dig ..

What are they building.... 

It's Grug!!

Who's that sketchy looking fellow??

silly shadows..

Bob loves Grug..

Mr Grumpy:  a work of art.. 


Andrea said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Love the pics of the sand art.

Jeanne said...

Bit after the event, I know, but this looks like a fantastic day!! LOVE grug!!