Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Summer weather has FINALLY reached Tasmania. We were hot and sweaty and despite it being tea time (dinner time) we decided to go to the beach instead. The kids were all for this, and the dog was equally excited about it. When we hit the beach we jumped right into the water and after cooling down we realized we were surrounded by jellies. Tons of them. Everywhere you looked there they were. It was one big bloom! Mind you, none of them were alive, so it was fascinating and weird all at the same time. The kids didn't hesitate to start collecting them in their sand pail, check out the one in the picture there! The entire beach was littered with them, both yesterday and today. We can't wait to look at one under our bionic eye.

While it's not advised to mess with jellies, alive or otherwise, these fellows were completely tentacle free and we double checked by scooping them up with our net first. So, be sure to check before scooping any up!

As for our jelly covered beach, we came home and did a bit of research on them. From the best that we can gather it looks like we might have had a bloom of moonjellies. A total pity we couldn't have seen them in all their glowing glory. The boys are now super excited to row Night Of The Moonjellies for school too.

they look squishy, and while they are, they are also very firm to the touch. 

Can you see the shape of them? Some of them were more rounded, with the pronounced outer rim/lip, while others were just the rounded center part. 

the sizes varied greatly, look at the two in my hand compared to the single one Morgan had!

Yet another impromptu nature lesson, which involved a few other great finds.. Like sea
urchins, a variety of seaweed, and some amazing shells (sorry no pictures yet..) We discovered a book which will be speeding towards us very soon on sea life entitled One Small Square: Seashore. We can't wait for this one. We've currently checked out a book from our library called Exploring Australian Seashores, which has opened up some great finds for us as well. I'll share those finds another day though...


Andrea said...

How cool! I'm jealous- as we live in the middle of a Desert! and no where near a beach (unless you count the great salt lake- which I don't!) Looks like it's time to read Night of the Moonjellies! :D

Kendra AU said...

It is time, and our copy is in America! lol Guess I need to send for it. ;)