Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm such a snob...

A crayola snob anyway.. Seriously! We picked up some back to school supplies recently, and as I was putting them in the kids boxes I realized everything was crayola brand. I love crayola! They are reliable. We trust them. Okay, some how that's sounding a wee bit greeting card"ish", but seriously.. 

When I took the boys with me, Jayden picked up a pack of markers that were animal shaped. You popped off the head (sounds creepy) and then you could color with the marker inside. He asked me if they were for Big Boys or Babies. I purchased them for him. He pulled them out on our first day and they were so dried out that when he colored on his paper it gave me the chills!

I ditched them. I bought him crayola. I've been dubbed a crayola snob. I think that deserves a t-shirt!  The downside is that in Australia crayola isn't nearly as cheap as it is in America. In fact, they are so much more expensive (and difficult to find the old fashioned crayons) that I stocked up on crayons when we were in America last year. We have their awesome twistable crayons, the kids think those are awesome, especially the rainbow ones!  We have their classic and bold color markers. We have the pipsqueak markers and the fine point markers (which came with a bonus of 5 fun smell markers). We have colored pencils, regular and gel effect. Okay, so we might be on a crayola overload, but! if I find a few of the 64 back crayons when I'm at K-mart next, I'll pick them up and stash them for a rainy day. After all, we'll be doing Harold & The Purple Crayon soon and some of our old crayons will be melted into new crayons. So, you think crayola can make kids pants that won't get holes in the knees??

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Shannon C said...

I'm a Crayola snob too! I can't stand the other brands. They just don't color the same. I think markers are like that too. Feel free to drop by my blog--it hasn't been updated for a few months due to moving, though! I found you on FIAR boards.

Shannon C