Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Few Great Links..

I assure you, that picture has NOTHING to do with links, but it was so funny, and the other pictures and recipes I wanted to share aren't uploaded yet, so.. Can you guess what Jayden got for Christmas?? Kid*Nex. They are bigger, more bendable, and bright colored knex. He loves them. We bought him a set of "wheels", which shows him how to build all sorts of trucks and things, and it came with a free pack of "monster" knex. He was building a bat when he opted to come show us just how funny he could look. He actually had bat ears sticking out of his ears too, but then we couldn't see his eyes as well, so he opted to lose the bat wings in order to show you all his very funny face.  Just imagine what I can do with this picture in years to come.. 

Now, for those links.. I've been hunting down bread recipes, mostly because Lawrence doesn't like wheat bread, so I've been trying to find a way to make his bland white bread healthier. Only, the last recipe I tried, twice no less, didn't work very well at all. The recipe was intended for a bread maker, but I suspect it would have turned out a LOT better if I'd done it by hand. I decided not to try it a third time, and started hunting around for a better recipe.  I stumbled upon two web pages that are loaded with recipes.  Here they are: A Year In Bread Making & Bread Machine Recipes. Our bread machine gets a huge workout around here, and I suspect it'll be pretty busy the rest of the week. Good thing I don't have to pay it overtime pay!

Happy New Year's everyone! No, the boys didn't stay up, I know you're dying to know. In fact, I'll be 100% honest. My boys have never stayed up that late in their lives. Wait, I take it back, Jayden stayed up that late the night he was born, considering it was 11:30 pm (he made it 30 minutes before a Friday the 13th!). Lawrence and I went to be early too, but the fireworks in town at midnight woke us up, so we watched the fireworks and went back to bed. You'll have to "stay tuned" to find out how the boys celebrated the New Year.. 

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