Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Dog Ate My Blog Post

Our dog ate my last blog post. Seriously. I'm not kidding! You can stop laughing now.. The dog ATE the blog post!! Let me explain, it might make more sense...

We take our dog out for a daily walk, he needs it, we need it. We happen to live right across the street from the ocean. This part of the ocean has a walk track next to it, and dogs are permitted, off their leashes, to walk there as well. So, that's where we walk. It's a peaceful walk, aside from the occasional crazed dog, whose owner has no idea that his dog isn't nearly as funny, cute, or obedient as they may think..

In fact the other day, while walking Buster, we ran into a dog, about twice the size of ours, that looked EXACTLY like our dog. It was so funny. Here comes this dog and our dog runs, all excited (he loves other dogs) up to greet it. They start sniffing each other out and suddenly you can't tell where one starts and the other ends. I'm thinking, is that my dog's tail or... Wait, surely that's his head, no wait.. I'll grab a paw. Mmm.. Anyway, our dog is fairly well behaved on the path and will return to us when called. So we allow him off the leash on our walks.

We had a cousin sleepover on Wednesday, and she wanted to know if we could go crabbing on the beach. Since we normally stop at a playground, we said sure. We let the kids run on the playground, and then went down to the beach. We lifted up countless rocks and had a lot of fun listening to the crabs as the skittered and waddled out of view. We spotted a variety of starfish as well. Mind you, nothing was harmed (except perhaps the stroller which flipped over!) and the boys had a blast counting the crabs (no we didn't keep them to eat..).

While on the beach we spotted a blue crab. He was an incredibly blue crab, but all ready dead. So we scooped him up to bring home. The markings on his shell were just FANTASTIC, and I couldn't wait for a picture of him. However, our resident photographer had a bit of work to catch up, so the kids enjoyed checking the crab out with our bionic eye. After an initial glance I left the room to get out some books (yes, to look up crabs) and once the kids were done we moved on to other areas of school. Needless to say the crab lay upstairs in a plastic dish forgotten.

Buster, our four legged terror, waited for the right moment.. Which came the following day (Friday) while everyone was sleepily eating breakfast he was contentedly chewing away on our fabulous blue crab. He would have gotten away with it had I not gone up to put some laundry away and noticed how "fishy" (seriously it was a gross sea-food smell) in the rumpus room. I thought "how odd" and noticed the moon jelly in a covered dish on the floor. Which reminded me that the crab must still be there too rather then up on a shelf in the school room where we could admire it. 

Then I saw the long bright blue claw on the floor... I had a mini confrence with the principle/photographer of the house and he'd not had a chance to take that photo. Our four legged terror, also known as Buster, was snoozing away (with one eye open mind you) on his bed in the living room. Upon seeing his guilty open eye I told him that I hoped the crab claw pinched him on the way down! 

So, now that you're done laughing at our pesky pooch, you'll surely see how the dog ate my last blog post! The most annoying thing about it, is that we hadn't identified the crab yet!  He doesn't look like the Blue Swimmer Crab, and the markings on his shell were very unique.  Too bad the crab didn't smell like banana, Buster would have never eaten it then!

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