Friday, December 12, 2008

While looking for some photos for a scrapbooking page I came across these and had to share...  On a recent evening out to family's house the boys convinced their cousin to play baby dolls with them. While, on a general basis, the boys won't play anything "girlie", they have a great fondness of playing girlie things when they visit with their cousin, Kathryn. They are very lucky because Kathryn is always willing to oblige in their silly boyish antics. This was one such weekend.  The boys convinced their cousin to let them play with the baby dolls who need to use the potty after they eat. She obliged. We could hear lots of squeals of, "It's not going potty yet, what should I do?" and "Mine's going!!"  Yeah, I think the boys played baby dolls for the pure aspect of watching the baby dolls use a potty and other such oddities.  Jayden was super intent on his doll using the potty, and refused to give up on the "game" until his doll had done so! Just check out his concentration! 

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