Friday, December 12, 2008

What about Joseph..

After reading our Bible story for the day we were discussing how you could still go to Bethlehem today, and that there's a church which was built over the place they believe Jesus was born. The boys were excited by this and enjoyed looking at the pictures. All though Morgan kept pointing out the foolishness of all the things hanging from the grotto because, and he was emphatic about this, they would have bumped their head so much! They were equally amazed that they could, if they so chose, get there by plane and visit the location. After they discussed just how many airplanes it might take (they still haven't gotten over the 5 planes it took to get us to America and then the 5 back again..) they opted to go play. Jayden came back minutes later, rearranged the nativity on the table. Then sat there holding Joseph for a few minutes before finally saying:

"I just don't understand why Joseph took off his fancy colorful coat. I really liked that one."

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