Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Very First Noel

This is a well loved video in our home. Both boys enjoy it, and it's one we purchased just before leaving America. (I tend to purchase one new video, book, and cd for Christmas each year.) Morgan still enjoys this particular video, but it's top on Jayden's list this year. He LOVES this video. The characters are all whimsical, and he doesn't miss a bit with the humor in it either. It's also only 23 minutes long which sits well with him. He's not fond of movies that require him to sit for extended periods of time. (I don't blame him..) Would you believe that Andy Griffith is one of the voices for one of the wisemen? Yup, seriously. The video does a reasonably good job of keeping with the story, and there's several direct quotes. Griffith also narrates the video, and all narration is done in a rhyming sing-song type fashion. The video is told from the view of the wisemen, one in particular, but it skips around so you see the shepherds, and know what they are up to, as well as Mary and Joseph. We purchased our copy at Wal-mart, but I've also seen this for sale at a variety of other places; Amazon, CBD, Barnes & Noble, & Boz The Bear Store. I love the way they mix in a variety of quotes from scripture, poetry, christmas carols, and the Christmas Story. I also like the fact, as I said before, that they do a reasonably good job of not perverting or twisting the story around. If you want to check out screen shots, a preview, or more information about how/why/who made the film, you can do so here: The Very First Noel. I also like that it doesn't end in Bethlehem with the wisemen finding Jesus, it goes on to show how they went and told the good news to others. As for Jayden, his favorite part is when one of the wisemen loads the camel up with so many supplies the poor camel can barely move. He also giggles when Baby Jesus stretches out his arm to wave back at the wisemen, or when Joseph is scared out of his wits when someone puts their head in his house and shouts, etc..

Note: those of you in Australia who are interested, I believe we spotted this at K-mart and Woolies.

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