Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Variety Of Christmas Activities..

The boys thought this one up all on their own. They opted to dress themselves up like people from the Nativity story. Morgan is also wearing an eyepatch, which he would flip down when we passed people while out walking. That's right, I had to walk down the road next to these two all the way to the post office! They even took one of the bamboo sticks from the tomatoes to use as a shepherds crook. The lady at Vinnies presumed they were wisemen in the local primary school pageant. (Between you and me, I don't think they were having a pagent because the kids had all invaded the playground when we walked by.) Anyway, they had a gorgeous nativity display in the window, complete with real straw and a fence to keep little fingers out. The boys admired from outside, and then wandered in for a closer look.

The boys spent all morning setting up the paper nativity set.. The previous post with funny comments mainly came due to this set! You can download and print out your own copy over at Currclick. It really isn't bad at all, my only reservation on it is the women who made the instructions didn't label each piece so you had to guess on some of the castle bits..

Less of a close-up, but it gives you an idea of how many pieces there are!

Here's an idea from something called Just Add Family. You can't actually see anything written on it, but the idea was to help your children see why Jesus was born to die. In short we've made a cardboard cross, and during the month of December each time a sin is committed, no matter how minor, we jot it down on the cross. I was going to use mini stick-it notes, but I couldn't find them when I went to make the first "jot" on the cross.

My nutty little Shepherd, who was VERY insistent he HAD to have a shepherd's crook. He was slightly unimpressed that I suggested a stick since it had no crook in it.

Yeah, that particular shepherd (he might have been a "wise"man) was "rocking on"..

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