Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Fun Games

Have you seen this new game? Okay, so perhaps it's not "new", but it's new to us. The object of the game is to get a Jumbulaya, but it's not that simple. We played this game with family on Christmas Day, and it took a good deal of time too. You start out with a variety of letters on the board that you turn into words. From those nine word you attempt to form one long word by using one letter from each word. Only, because we all play on the same board, with the same words the letters are constantly changing. While one player may be working on getting one set of letters on the board, someone else may be working on a totally different set! It definitely calls for a clear frame of mind, and plenty of time. The only downside to the game, if you're living in Australia, is the attempt to get it. Amazon, will not ship games (or hole punches, but that's another post..) to Australia. There's a company called Timberdoodle or another one called Rainbow Resource, both of which ship gams overseas, but they charge a fortune in shipping! Which led to a lot of searching, because there was no way I was paying 50 dollars in shipping for a 20 dollar game! I ended up finding a company on the mainland who carried the game and shipped it to me at a reasonable price. 

We ended up choosing Rack-o for Morgan. This was a practical choice, because he could use the practice for a variety of counting. He can count well forward and backward. He can skip count well by 10's and 2's, forward and backwards, and not too badly with 5's. However, if you ask him to pick it up in the middle you'll throw him in a total muddle and he will literally freak out. So, what better way to practice then with a game? Rack-o has changed a bit since Mom was sneaky enough to use this game with me for the very same reason.. For one thing you no longer get nifty red card with LARGE numbers on them. Now you get orange cards with tiny numbers on them and then a variety of facts and "stuff" on them. The rules have also changed, unless you choose to play classic Rack-o, which I did for our first round. You can now steal cards, swap cards with other people, etc. The idea of Rack-o is that you get your cards in numerical order. That order is left up to you, but as long as they are in a sequential numerical order (try saying that 3x fast!) you win, if you accomplish it first. For Morgan, I suggested he pick 2's or 10's for our first game because I knew he wouldn't need help with it. All though he did upset himself a few times by slipping into ones when verifying if he needed a card or not. I suspect this one will be found on the school room table quite often... This is another American game, which made it VERY hard to get here. I finally found someone in California on ebay who was willing to ship it to me at a reasonable price.

 For Jayden we picked Cranium Cadoo. Very fun game, in fact when we played it as a family last night, he didn't want to stop!  This came has a variety of things to do in order to win, but the main idea is to get 4 of your markers in a row. The upside is, despite not being able to read, Jayden doesn't have to team up. He can still play on his own, which makes him VERY happy. Each card comes with instructions on what to do and the answer is hidden in a muddle of "stuff" and you need the special Secret Decoder Glasses to figure it out. Sometimes you have to answer a question, other times you run around the house to find objects listed, there may be a need to act something out, draw a picture, of their personal favorite, sculpt something out of the provided clay! Morgan created a funny toilet for us to guess last night, and Jayden did a great cactus for us. Cranium games tend to run more expensive then others, but so far we've not been let down by the product. We found this one on sale at a great bargain price!

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