Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Veggie pots..

Ignore the giant hand there, and you'll see our tomato plants. We had every intention of putting in a garden this year, but then discovered the small plot of ground we were going to use just wasn't big enough. However, we all ready had lots of veggies in seedling trays and decided to go with a potted garden. Which means we now have a variety of pots around the house with veggies in them. There are no red tomatoes on those plants, but lots and lots of green ones and even more flowers waiting to turn into juicy tomatoes. They are actually the tommy tomatoes, which the boys love eating like grapes. That's not really saying much considering the fact that they eat regular tomatoes like apples, but..

We've also got lettuces growing, which we transplanted into their own pots today, they were in dire need:

iceberg/all year lettuce.. (that last one on the right needs more soil..)

Cos, despite our constant rain, they were in dire need of water..

We've also got a pot of pepper plants growing, but they are VERY slow. In fact, as seedlings I nearly tossed them out because I'd given up hope that they were ever going to grow. I vowed that if I had no green the following morning I was tossing them out, and low and behold they'd sprouted.

Believe it or not they were planted the same day all that lettuce was planted!

We're also growing some cucumbers, which are well loaded with blossoms and baby cucumbers. The plant itself is in questionable shape due to some windburn and nibbling (my fingers are crossed it was a pesky insect and not the naughty rabbit that has snuck in a few times..) Jayden also broke a bit off the other day (complete accident, all though not exactly a "freak accident"..) yet the plant is still going..

before long we'll have a homegrown salad going on!

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