Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A New Take on the Christmas Story..

We've been busy this week with a variety of things, including our Christmas crafts, stories, etc. One of the big hits for the kids was pulling out the variety of nativity sets we have and setting them up. I also purchased, printed, and cut (with help from a loving husband) a new nativity for them. The boys were excited when they dumped their craft bags out and saw a million different pieces of paper tumble out. They sorted through them and recognized a variety of characters from the story. All of this has led to some really funny retellings of the story Not to mention a few name bumbles, and outright silliness. I can only imagine how our shadow puppet show will go! Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of our favorite funnies..

M: "Oo, I found Gravriel!
J: "Don't be silly it's Grabriel!"

"This is the King, Jayden. Do you know what he did? He was so weird, he tried to kill baby Jesus!"
"Yeah, and then that man raised his stick and the water opened up and they ran across before the king got them, didn't he?"
"No, honey, you've got that mixed up with Moses. Moses, parted the Red Sea."
"Oh, okay, then he sent those frogs out to cause a lot of trouble."
"That's Moses, Jayden."
"No, I'm talking about Jesus."

M: "What would have happened if the enemies had gotten baby Jesus?"
J: "Then they would have been criminals and enemies!"

L: "AHHHHHH!!!!"
K: "Why on earth are you screaming?"
L: "I've, um.. well. Im' sorry guys, I sucked up Baby Jesus with the vacuum!"

"King, take your shirt off!"
"Okay, but why?"
"Because I'm going to steal all your clothes for being so rude!"
"Okay, you little pork chop!"

"Do you know why the camels have a hump?"
"Yup, so the wisemen could put a LOT of stuff on them."

"Behold, you're going to have a baby. He will be KING OF THE UNIVERSE!" (be sure to read this with great gusto while waving your arms frantically in the air!)

This one must be sung: "I was once a baby Jesus, but now I'm in heaven after I died."
"I'm not dead, I'm alive"
"After being dead on earth first God is more powerful then anyone."
"Yes, I expect he is."
"This dear angel," (wave it madly while singing) "is God's helper! and he warned Joseph of the enemies coming so that Mary could sneak away in the night with her Joseph!"
"But it was too late, they caught them and put Jesus on the cross."
Stop singing, act indignent: "Dont be silly, that wasn't when he was a baby!"

"Excuse me Mary, my name is King Pharoh, I've come to take baby Jesus to the cross when he's grown up."
"Uh, that's rude! I'm going to get some sugar and mix it in your oatmeal and throw it in your face so it'll make you sick! Then even if you pray to God to make you better, I will ask him not to!"

Oh yea, it's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas around here.. Gabriel is missing an arm, it's rumored to be in a Santa hat around here somewhere. Joseph is burried under a pile of blocks, apparently due to fright. Pirates have invaded the paper nativity set, and the kids won't stay out of the Nativity cookies!

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