Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nature, up close..

After repotting all those aforementioned veggies I found myself weeding one of the front flower beds. The guys came out to help pick up the weeds with the new wheelbarrow. I was standing there sweeping it all up into a pile when I realized one of the dried out weeds seemed to have a distinctive shape. When we picked it up we realized we'd swept up a bird's nest, the boys were delighted! We've had some fierce wind here lately and I'm guessing this one blew down off the roof, or out of a tree, or even out of the various bushes that line our drive. We have a huge amount of birds that choose to call our yard home and we've been enjoying watching them all, especially a cute little fairy wren (they are an amazing and breathtaking blue!) who hops up on our windowsills to eat the bugs that he finds there, and to have a peek at us.

While we have no idea if this nest belongs to the fairy wren, the black birds, or the welcome sparrow, what we did notice was what the bird used to make his nest. We noticed red tinsel which was formerly hanging on our hills hoist (former tenants put it there), bird feathers, dried grass, twigs, and tail hairs from the horse across the street! Take a closer look yourself and see what you can find:

those thick black strands are the horse tail hairs

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