Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Jesse Tree

Sunday, 30th, we put our first ornament on our Jesse Tree. The boys were eager, and amazingly there was no great discussion of fights over who was going to place it up there. The picture to the left is Morgan hanging up our second ornaments on Monday. The boys have really been oogling over the ornaments in hopes that they each get to hang up the ones they like the best. They are all finally made and ready to roll, all though I suspect I may have to redo a few. Below are some close-ups, as promised, of the ornaments.

This was our first ornament, not sure why it looks glittery, but there ya have it..

the ornament on the left is the alter of fire I mentioned before, the girl is Ruth..

This was the ornament we put up today. I love the colors.. the one on the right is a camel (the missing part is a tent) it will go on tomorrow for Abraham.


Melissa said...

Your tree is just beautiful! Do you have a post explaining your design process?

Melissa said...

Just found the other posts! Thanks!