Sunday, December 28, 2008

Little Birdies

When I took down all the ornaments from the swap the kids were in, the bathroom counter looked really empty. I opted to leave the little tree up, but then it looked empty, and it needed something. So, I was struck by the fancy to fill it with birds. Okay, so I saw this cute bird craft, and I filed it away for "some day" when I had time and perhaps a need. Which means, when I saw the empty tree I figured now was that time. Add the miserable weather of the day to the mix and it seemed like a great day to pull out a sewing project. These little birds are so quick and simple to make, and it was great for using up a few scraps left over from some quilting projects. The one at the top of the tree, is the one I made first. I used brown and a deep reddish color. For some reason the color combination reminded me of an American Robin. I had hoped to make one look a bit Blue-Jayish, but I only had two shades of blue and they were way on the opposite side of the spectrum. Maybe another day. The one there on the bottom on the right made me think of a cardinal. There's one you can't really see in the picture that happens to be green. All though my favorite combination of colors is the one on the top, and his matching mate down there on the left on the bottom.. Here's a few more fun pictures to check out:

the whole flock, all though the green fellow looks a bit sad..

the love birds.. 

yup, they really perch on the tree without strings!


our cardinal..

 some of you should recognize that material too.. 


American Robin..

NOTES:  The instructions don't tell you not to stuff the tail, but on someone else's blog, she mentioned not stuffing the tail in order to help them sit on the tree better. I didn't stuff the tails on my birds, but I found that when I did stuff them, really full, if I set them on the table or sewing machine and they didn't sit right I could add more stuffing and then they'd sit right. I hand stitched a few tails closed, and then opted to use a zig-zag stitch on the rest..

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